Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wanted: Illustrator

I don't suppose any of you know a children's book illustrator, do you? My agent got me to write a couple of books and is now looking for an illustrator. To date, I don't really like the one he found and he doesn't really like the one I found.

The story is for young children, but it's quite quirky so needs quirky drawings. I don't like the namby pamby cutesy illustrations you often get on kiddy books. You know, the ones where everyone looks like you want to slap them because they are so goody goody or bathed in a cherubic glow.

The story is about Floppy the Monster who lives with Emily and her family. He discovers he can communicate with her by thought although no one is aware of his skill. This means that when he thinks something, Emily picks up on it and acts, usually resulting in trouble.

He has an arch-enemy who tried to steal him in the supermarket - Momo Morris with his witchy granny. Momo Morris appears in name in later books because Floppy creates an imaginary world where he is a kind of hero pitting his wits against him and doing battle.

There's always an accident resulting in Floppy being mended with red wool so the books teach in the least didactic way possible about some of the dangers inside and outside the home.

The books are due to be published this year, so this is kinda urgent, and all the fab well-known illustrators want tonsadosh up front.

Which is why I need to fling my search into the furthest reaches of networking.

Illustrator, this author needs YOU!


  1. Sarah, I have a client that does illustration. I have no idea if she does the kind of stuff that you need.

    If you go to my website and send me a message from the contact form I will send you her email address.


  2. Thanks, Nick. I've done just that.

  3. I'd love to have a speculative go at this. If you email me a section that needs illustrating, I'll willingly do it free of charge just to see if you approve. If you like it, fine, then see what happens. If you hate it, no problem. An indication of the the type of illustration style (or a particular illustrator) you have in mind would be helpful.

    I've recently retired to France (Creuse 23 region) from the wacky world of advertising and design and am now doing the odd bit of illustrating for childrens' books (recently did some stuff for the 'Horrid Henry' series). Am just about to finish some illustrations for another book so am just about ready for my next project.

  4. Great, thanks, Tommo. Could you let me have your email address? You can send it to dslfr at hotmail dot com.

  5. Hi Sarah, there is a brilliant illustrater blogger, called Margaux Motin:

    I don't know if it is exactly what you are after, but worth checking out.

  6. Thanks Dash, I love her work but it would probably be more suitable for YA literature or my chick lit book.


  7. A good friend let me know that you're on the lookout for an illustrator so am taking the liberty of posting my website info ( I also have some more quirky work on various blogs ( or - some of the work under the label New Work Monday).

    Best and Good Luck!


  8. Thanks, Jennifer, I've emailed you.

  9. Sorry, I only know of the ones in my daughter's books. Nick Sharratt is a big favourite, but probably charges a fortune now. His "Daisy" illustrations are spot on!

  10. Yes, working mum, and he wants dosh up front. :(

    Never mind, there's plenty of talent out there :)

  11. Hi Sarah
    I am very interested in your ad.
    My name is Nicolás Sanchez, I would like to offer my services as an illustrator. I am a traditional illustrator, but I also work mixing traditional and digital.
    You can get to now me better in my blog: (children's illustrations).
    I have worked for clients from USA, Norway and Spain. I have illustrated children's stories for them.
    My e-mail:

    Best regards.
    Nicolás Sanchez

  12. Thanks, Nicholàs, I've sent you an email.

  13. I must say I'm REALLY delighted with the response I'm getting from this post.

    THANK YOU everyone for responding!

    There is tons of talent out there!!

  14. Hello

    My names is Andre, I'm an italian illustrator but I live in Dublin.
    In regards to the illustrator needed post I saw, I am very interested. I have been asked to illustrate for a number of children's books and I worked in animation cartoon for a company leader in Europe.
    I could produce quality work and easily meet deadlines. I am very proficient in producing graphic digital art and have an enormous number of styles, I can draw anything and in any style. Also, I could easily produce a new style or mood in the drawings based on what you specifically want.
    please take a look at my sample illustrations at my gallery portfolio by


  15. hello hello-

    i am an illustrator and you can check my kids stuff here:
    and my website is (email address on the fp). I have been called quirky many-a-time, it suits me.

  16. Hello Andre and anon, I've emailed you.

    Thank you for responding!


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