Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wanted: Party Games

I've been invited to a party! Big deal, you might think, like wow, a party, there's original! And it is, cos little me has friends who don't have parties, and as I don't hold parties either (!) it's a rare occurrence. Don't worry though, I'm bearing up...

Anyway, I'm not here to divulge how stunningly interesting my social life is (haha) but to ask if any of you know of good party games. The friend who's organising it all asked me, probably the only one of her friends who doesn't go to parties and only knows suitable games for 8-yr olds.(My kids and their mates loved their kiddy birthday parties. The favourite game was bashing each other with old tights filled with a small quantity of flour - messy, brutal, active - perfect! Maybe not so appealing to adults however.)

Before you suggest 'Last one to drink 15 vodkas is a sissy', I don't think ribald drinking games are what she's after - we all have to drive home afterwards. And stripping games à la happy student days are not on her list either.

So I'm at a loss. I've looked in the internet and sent a couple of links, but if you have any zappy ideas, do let me know.


  1. This is supposedly a kids' game, but after a few drinks, it's hilarious for even the maturest type of sophisticate such as myself:

    Attach an inflated balloon to each party-goer's waist at the back (the string must be long enough to allow the balloon to reach the floor). The object is to stamp on and destroy everyone else's balloon while cleverly watching one's back. Winner keeps his intact balloon and has another drink. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Antipo!

    Keep 'em coming.

  3. Quite complicated to explain, but this game is hilarious. Its a bit noisy though so better not played if you have neighbours and walls are thin!

    Sitting round the table, each participant chooses a sign with their hands (ie. touching their nose, thumbs up etc). Each persons sign should be individual. You need to remember everyone's signs.

    Then as a group you tap the table twice, like bang bang and then clap your hands. So it goes, bang bang clap, bang bang clap.

    Then the person who decides to start does their sign instead of the clap on the third time and then on the fourth time they make someone elses sign instead of the clap (all the others should be doing the clap).

    The sign of the other person that is made is sending the game to them and they have to pick it up on the next clap. So it goes:

    All: Bang Bang Clap constantly
    First person: Bang Bang Own Sign, Bang Bang other persons sign
    Person who's sign was made: Bang Bang own sign, bang bang another persons sign.

    Is this making sense? It is very hard to explain.

    Basically, you are passing the sign making through to anyone in the group you choose and it then continues. Everyone should keep alert because their sign could be made at any moment.

    Its a hilarious game and has kept me in stitches for hours and its good as you don't have to drink!

  4. Found this link on Youtube -

    May make it easier to understand!

  5. I fear a trap: who can look saddest with the least promising game?!
    A team game for you, played with children or adults, but clearly more 'interesting' with grown-ups: Two teams in a line, the first person in each team is given an orange to pass down their line from under their chin to the next persons chin. No hands of course! Not easy even with no alcohol involved.
    Another version passes a key on the end of a piece of string down the line, down one persons clothing and up the next... Both games work 'best' with the teams striped boy, girl, boy, girl, etc.
    And Pass the Parcel can be played with forfeits between the layers (sweets is a very recent invention 'to allow fairness' which I've never understood), The forfeits could be anything from reciting a poem to kissing your neighbour depending on your guests and inclination!!
    Perhaps I'd better add that these are games from my parents parties.. I don't get invited to the sort of party where games are played! Actually that's not strictly true but it's been Pictionary after supper... I don't do competitive games well...

  6. Thank you Piglet and Hausfrau! I'll pass your games on to my pal.

    I'm not a great games player either actually in this sort of situation. I'd much rather chat to interesting people (if there are any...)


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