Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm having a hard time at the moment. Today I found in my post box a hefty invoice from my lawyer while I thought the last hefty invoice would be the last, and last night I was dying for a barbecue but my leftover charcoal from last year was being difficult and not burning much so I had to give up in disappointed frustration (and hungry rage).

This morning, despite it being Sunday, I went in search of Le Routard guide to the UK. I thought Carrouf would be open on a Sunday morning. It has been, but today was not. One never knows with Carrouf. Every Sunday is an adventure. Will they be open or not? This is why I don't count on doing my weekly shop on a Sunday morning, probably. I usually have better things to do, like farting around overheating in my air-con free house.

I need the guide book because I'm going to be tagging along while my TWDB goes to the west country (should that have capitals?) for a few days next week. He's going to be looking after his daughter and suggested I come too. We'll be around Bristol, so I suggested spending a night in Cardiff which I usually zoom past on my way to Swansea every year but is supposed to be a vibrant and exciting city, a night in Bath, and a night somewhere in the Cotswolds.

We haven't booked anything yet but I feel we should have some idea about where to go, hence the Guide du Routard. Well Carrouf was unhelpfully shut, and Intermarche, which was buzzing with locals and tourists,  had guides on Croatia and Turkey, but nothing north of Calais.

So after a thoroughly fruitless morning, we livened things up with some chilled rosé and home-made hummus from this site, some home-made in the bread machine then oven ciabatta rolls, and tomato/cucumber/avocado/parsley salad. The result was a thoroughly fruitless but pleasantly boozy and tasty afternoon ending in a snooze.

Do you ever have weekends like that? Thwarting and frustrating? I hate that. I think I'll give up and escape into my current book, Kavalier and Clay. I can't say I don't get enough rest...


  1. Hang out at least a day in Bath, and relax. The Francis Hotel is expensive but wonderful - otherwise (assuming you're driving) get a B&B somewhere outside in one of the small villages. Go visit the Baths (you _must_!) and wander around. I lived there for three years and actually went to all the "attractions" (despite living there!) and loved the place. Have fun!

  2. Hi Mike
    Yes, I know Bath well from many years ago, including the Frances Hotel. That's why I thought it would be a good idea to visit it again, and see how it's changed! And I think it would appeal to an ado girl with all the shops.

  3. At the moment, our forte isn't so much thwarting and frustrating weekends, but successful outings which have been later overshadowed by the fact we left tax papers/a camera/sunglasses, etc. behind, or got a hefty parking ticket.

  4. Should think that lawyer's hefty bill was for drawing up last hefty bill...from my experience of French lawyers.

  5. PG - that is very frustrating! You're lulled into a false sense of security having a lovely time when WHAM! the bad news hits.

    Fly - you could be right, it must have taken a lot of time and effort to draw up the invoice. I shouldn't be so mean and stingy...
    I love the way she sends these invoices just as I'm about to go on holiday. It means I go away worrying about paying for her holiday and mine. It's not the first time either.

  6. It happens with local government as well...there's a great clear out of files before messing off for the you get the whatever it is they've forgotten about for months and when you 'phone to complain about it, no one is there.

  7. Bath is lovely: you can find something to amuse whatever your age and price bracket! How about Lacock? The village is picture box pretty, the Abbey has Harry Potter connections, and there's a pub called The Rising Sun just above with good food and a terrific view. The Old Rectory does B&B.

  8. Sarah, we suffer from thwarting and frustrating months never mind weekends, the local businesses and supermarkets seem to open and close at will, in fact we might as well give up now as all the shops and businesses are now closed until September! How does the French economy keep going? At least when you go to Blighty you will be able to go shopping at the usual hours and not be thwarted and they will even try to be helpful!

  9. Fly - haha, so true!

    Hausfrau - thanks for the tip, I'll look it up.

    Dash - I know the feeling. Businesses might complain like mad about the economy but they still operate opening hours that are convenient only to them, and then bugger off on holiday for weeks at a time.

    Ah, Blighty and Sunday opening. What a thrill!

  10. At least it's sometimes open on a Sunday morning... my local one is never open! I'm still trying to figure out when it does and doesn't open on bank holidays. I took a walk along there today and lo and behold it was open! What a miracle. I do miss Sunday shopping in France :(

    As for the avocat's bill, this sounds familiar. I sued a company 4 years ago and have been faced with endless bills ever since. The court case is still going through and I don't know when to say stop, I will spend no more! Useless French justice system IMHO.

    I love hummous, I think I will try out that recipe as mine is made up in my head (to what I think it should be) but never tastes right!

    Bath and the Cotswolds is my old shopping ground, I can't wait to go back! Enjoy!

  11. Lawyers are like an open sore bleeding you to death. And just when you think they can't possibly ask you for another bill, WHAM! another one drops through the post.


    We're going to Bath and a spa hotel near Usk in Wales. Should be relaxing!

  12. What about a Breton resort where thwe only hotel on the beach front was closed -for the holidays?
    In August.


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