Sunday, September 26, 2010

Je me présente...

My youngest brought back from school on Friday a newsletter written by the kids in his class. In it, all his classmates introduce themselves and say what they like and don't like to eat, who their friends are and what they want to be when they grow up.

It's a really good initiative. I'm delighted that he has a very motivated and enthusiastic teacher who works closely with the dynamic headmaster to introduce as many interesting activities to the school as possible. In October they'll be going on a 'Classe Rouge' (in Autumn, as opposed to a Classe Verte in Spring) to Rennes le Château to do all sorts of out-door and educational activities in a beautiful environment.

The kids in my youngest's class are a diverse bunch. Most were born locally, but one comes from Alès, another from Aix-en-Provence, and another (who lives in 'une immense maison') from Paris. We learn the intimate details of the birth of one, by caesarian section one month early at five to nine in the morning. Actually, that's also the time my youngest was born, not by caesarian section though. Mine came galloping down the birth canal at such a rate of knots I thought he'd shoot out in my neighbour's car. But I digress...

One child tells us she's right-handed, another that she had a horrible holiday this summer, another that she doesn't have pierced ears (but she doesn't say if this is a source of pride or frustration). One girl tells us she likes Chanel, Dior and all the other labels and wants to be a dress designer when she grows up. Hopefully a successful one so she can indulge her tastes herself...

Other future career hopes include: fireman, airline pilot with Air France, postman, dress designer, interior decorator, vet, doctor, teacher, journalist, salesman, professional rugby player, chef, lawyer (this one wanted to be a diplomat first but having to leave places the whole time is too irritating), director of the SPA (like the RSPCA), professional footballer (or lawyer), and my own dear boy who wants to be a soldier. This has changed from being either an artist or professional footballer.

They like doing all sorts of activities, from theatre to sport (cycling, football, rugby, swimming, handball, tennis, baseball), dancing, art, scouts, catechism, music (violin, piano, guitar), riding and gymnastics. One likes to learn English too. :) None of them say they like playing video or computer games  which I find incredible seeing as the evidence in my house supports the opposite view.

I learn that my son likes sausages, salad and cats, but not cheese (I knew all that...), others like pasta, pizza, vegetables and one dessert amusingly called 'mother-in-law's bottom' (fesses de belle-mère - anyone heard of that? I couldn't find it on Google), but not either of the two colours of boudin, cauliflower, beans, spinach or pears. The girls especially tell us about their favourite singers: Jenifer, Katy Perry and Coeur de pirate, Justice, and Michel Sardou.

It's an interesting exercise, this, for pinpointing a moment in time - likes and dislikes, future hopes, friends. It would be interesting to catch up with them in twenty years' time and find out what they ended up doing.

I shall definitely keep the newsletter as a socio-historical document, and I'm kind of hoping my boy does something less dangerous than go into the military!


  1. What fun: deffinitely worth keeping. Eldest has no idea what she wants to do with her life. Youngest has many plans; she might be an artist, a fashion designer or an archeologist - especially if she's just watched Time Team!

  2. I never knew what I wanted to do either. I was 40 before I sussed it out!! :)


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