Monday, June 06, 2011

Who's on for some cashback?

This is a heads up for those of you in France who do a lot of shopping on the internet. Having something of an aversion to physical shopping because:
a) I can't be fagged to go into town
b) I don't like pushy salestaff
c) I don't like apathetic salestaff
d) I don't like salestaff who don't know their job
e) I don't like crowds
f) it takes so much time
g) is reserved for when I have visitors who want to shop (few and far between, like my visitors)
h) it means having to either take the tram or sit in traffic and pay a bomb for parking
g) it's expensive
I do most of my shopping on the internet. The only time I voluntarily stroll around town is at Christmas when it looks pretty and everyone is unusually jovial. The other time is when my eldest declares he needs new clothes and the only place he wants to get them from is BizzBee, or I take my youngest to C&A because he too now pooh poohs the idea of going to the more convenient Kiabi or Halle aux Vetements. Not that I blame him, the clothes in these places are pretty dire - cheap(ish) and nasty.

So, I frequent on the internet such places as for Diesel jeans for my eldest at 70% off, for cut-price tyres, CDiscount for music, and so on. Imagine then, my delight when into my spam box fell a link to which offers cash back for doing your normal shopping in all your favourite shops.

It works like this: you open an account. You choose a login name and that becomes your id which is attached to a email address. When you want to do some shopping, you go onto and find the vendor. They might even be offering an extra discount. You click on the link that takes you to the website, do your shopping and use email to make the purchase. This links back to and they then credit your account with a certain amount (from 1.5% to 5% usually) of the before tax (HT) amount. When you reach €15 you can have it transferred onto a Paypal or Priceminister account, and when you reach €30 you can have it credited to your bank account or ask for a cheque.

Isn't that cool? You can find all sorts of companies such as SNCF, Eurostar, Ebay, Disneyland, Zalando, la Redoute, Aubert, CDiscount - nearly 1200 vendors. Two which don't feature however, are and Air France. Shame...

I have sent a number of my buddies parrainage requests so if you get an email from Cashstore with my name on and you want to join, do it that way because then I'll get €3, and you can spread the word by parraining all your buddies (and get €3 for each one who joins).

We're not talking big money here (unless you do a TON of shopping), but as Tescos says, 'Every little helps' and it is my pleasure to spread the joy.

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