Tuesday, September 06, 2011

SarahHague Goes DotCom

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I was mucking about on Blogger/Google, as you do, today, when I got a message suggesting I register the domain www.sarahhague.com. To be honest, I thought it had been snapped up ages ago, but either another Sarah Hague has given up her subscription, or I just got it wrong, but it was available. So, without further thought or a minute's reflection, I slammed down $10 on the table and cried "I'll have it!".

Then, blindly, I started following instructions and windows and found myself with a Blogger blog converted to a my domain blog powered by Blogger and Google. Big deal, thought I, wonder what this will change... Well, it has changed something. All my Disqus comments have disappeared from the blog. They are still in my Disqus account, but I can't get them to appear on the posts. So now I appear as Sarah NoMates or Sarah NoComments and all the lovely comments that people have so kindly posted are lurking quietly minding their own business on my Disqus account.

Bizarre. I've tried looking to solve this, but Disqus is being opaque, so I think I might have to give up. Of course, I'm no longer sure that I wanted to export my Blogspot blog but it's done now, and I don't think I've got the energy to do anything more radical today. I've used up my radical reserves for the next couple of weeks I reckon.

Now I'm merely wondering if I can change the look of my blog. I'd like one with three columns and perhaps more pages (at least one), but the thought of copying over all the widgets is bringing me over all faint, so maybe I'll just do nothing, and live with the domain name for a while.

Anyway, if you stop receiving post updates on your reader, it might be because of this domain change thingy, in which case it may work if you modify the link. I'm not quite ready to go hacking, I fear... But that is a project for my dotage so I've got time yet... if the brain is willing (which I doubt).

That's a Rentrée and a half, innit?!