Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Nice Yachts and More Boats

I don't often do posts with lots of photos in them, but the other weekend I spent a lot of time (it seemed) on the port of Nice, and so I got snapping with my non-professional camera.

We arrived early evening in time for an apero at the Hotel Negresco in the wood-panelled bar that resembled a pub but somehow didn't, with its soaring ceiling and glorious listed design.
The aperos were a shocking price - €18 for a cocktail, but hey, we don't do this often, so I had a Negroni (Campari, Martini and gin). It must be decades since I had Campari, probably 2 at least. It came with a nifty selection of nibbles that were very original, including a special Niçoise tapenade made with special olives.

The next morning, while my TWDB was doing his usual Sunday lie-in thing, I got up and went out in search of breakfast. I bought a couple of very average croissants and a litre of fruit juice, and went to sit on the port in the sun with my Kindle.
View over breakfast
After being recalled to base, I went back to the port for a nice walk, this time with my TWDB. We saw big yachts with a mini-me,
the large one so big it dwarfed the buildings opposite.

On the other side of the port was a colourful collection of fishing boats.
complete with old sea dog at work.
Some of the little boats had little masts
and some didn't
and thus gave an uninterrupted view across the port to the middle-sized yachts and mega yachts beyond.

Some boats looked like they worked very hard
while others looked like they never left port.
My TWDB told me many of these super yachts are bought as floating capital. If things get sticky, instructions are sent to the crew to make for international waters where the yacht cannot be seized. Worth tens of millions of euros, the yachts are a smart way of safe-guarding capital when the tax man comes knocking to avoid those awkward questions...
Lady and Miss Christine
Does that say Creek or Greek...?
If you've got the the smart yacht, you've got to have the smart car too, how about a Bentley with smart red leather interior?

While I was strolling along admiring the views, I was not concentrating on the ground. Unfortunately some bloody mutt had done a poo and its even bloodier owner had not cleared it up, so I ended up treading in it. Cue much swearing and bad temper, all aimed at irresponsible dog owners and their sodding mutts. I then had to find a way to clean up. I dragged my shoe along the ground, I dipped it into the water, and even went so far as to wipe my shoe on a handy mat...
Note handy mat
Thank you kindly Shandor owner for the handy mat. Sorry if it's a bit pongy now...

From the port, we went up in the lift to the castle grounds at the top of the cliff and looked out over the higgledy piggledy old Niçois rooftops
Rooftops of old Nice
and the glorious curve of the bay busy with people enjoying the unseasonally fine weather. Just look at that blue!

We left on Sunday afternoon after soaking up the sun and lunch on the port. Amazingly we had glorious weather. This is completely normal because my TWDB has sold his flat in Nice. When he had it, our weekends were invariably ruined by 'exceptional' dodgy weather.

In the sunshine, it's just stunning.