Monday, December 12, 2011

Virtual Indulgence

 (Sponsored post)
Christmas is coming, 
The pressie list is growing
Where can I find
Ideas worth a-flowing?

Choice is important
And originality
Take a seat and save your feet


Don't worry, I hadn't heard of them either until a couple of weeks ago when a nice lady called Ali wrote to me and told me they were operating an original approach to marketing by writing to bloggers. As you know, I never write sponsored posts as I never get asked, but if I did (which I don't), I would write an honest and candid review, which a sponsor may well not like.

So when Ali wrote back to me and said that she would offer me three hundred virtual pounds to spend on friends and family to write about my choice of presents, and thus enter a competition to win my selection and bring festive joy to one and all, how could I refuse?

Mooching virtually round the store is not a tough experience, believe me, unlike pounding the actual high street, or worse, a shopping mall. To start with, it's easy on the feet and so one is not hampered by pain-induced bad temper as one dips in and out of the different sections.

I found something for my mother almost immediately. These sandcastle bowls will inspire happy thoughts of Mumbles and summer holidays with us kids and grandchildren. They cost £25 each, so all three come to £75.

Next, my nieces. They come in a range of ages from 18 months to 14. My eldest niece is the trickiest as her attention is usually locked into her phone or laptop, but even busy young ladies have to eat, and there's nothing better than baking and eating your own cake. I would give her this extremely tempting cake kit, complete with little stars at £40.

For her 10-yr old sister, another creative present, one which will provide hours of activity and something to show at the end of it - a beginner's knitting kit, £22.50.

I'm torn between ideas for my youngest niece, aged 18 months. I would not be popular if I bought her this:
so I'm really tempted to buy here this walker truck, which is similar to one I had at her age and costs £56. She would be able to take her toys for a walk and her teddies for a picnic. I would have loved this at her age because of the jaunty truck look with space for a tiny teddy to sit in the cabin and drive.
For my older brother, I remember his record collection thumping out of his bedroom making it pointless that I buy my own causing a cacophony in the house and the ire of our parents. I feel these record cover frames are a suitable gift to take him back to those heady days when Blondie, Backstreet Boys, Madness etc. were the centre of his world...
and, more recently, Doris Day (*snigger*). A set of 4 7" frames costs £25.50.

My sister-in-law loves jewellery, and I think she would appreciate this fair trade necklace at £25. I certainly love the classy colours and chunky look of this necklace which is hand made in Kenya.
And  last but not least, a hamper to pamper my younger brother and his partner, much needed what with living with a lively toddler and another on the way.
This is the Dolce Vita hamper, at £55 which includes such yummies as:
  • 2007 montepulciano 'frentano', cantina sociale frentana, abruzzo 75cl
  • silver medal balsamic vinegar, giuseppe giusti 250ml
  • nudo extra virgin olive oil 250ml
  • italian honey with white truffle
  • organic coffee hazelnut chocolate spread 200g
  • soft amaretti biscuits 200g
  • mini whisk tag
  • 'eating' quotation postcard

They love Italy, so this is particularly appropriate.

With a grand total of £299 spent (I think), I hope they would like their presents. It's certainly been a lot of fun sifting through to find them.