Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I'd Come Back as a Cat

I've been blogging a bit more about life in France recently, as things come up, and I have another one up my sleeve on higher education as my son is approaching à toute allure.

But for this post, I'm wandering onto that ever-fascinating topic of oneself, and my thanks to Lucy for tagging me in this meme.

1) If there was such a thing as reincarnation, what would you come back as?
Definitely as a cat and I would seek out someone like me to live with. My cat does exactly as he likes, is adored, fed, watered and housed on comfy beds, and is chief of the motley crew of cats in the road. The only thing he doesn't have is a cat flap but he has no qualms about waking me up at 5.30am to let him go out...

2) What is your favourite sandwich filling?
I go through phases with food. At one time, I couldn't get enough of peanut butter on baguette, then I'd prefer grated emmental and eat nothing but, and at the moment I'm enjoying a phase of jambon sec with tomato and baby spinach leaves. When I'm in the UK there's nothing I enjoy more than a garden fresh tomato sandwich on fresh white bread and butter with a sprinkling of sea salt crystals.

3) What's the most pain you've ever felt?
Childbirth, both times. It just so happened that things progressed too fast for pain relief so I had to endure being split down the middle every couple of minutes for each boy. I suppose I was lucky not to have had long drawn out births although maybe it was the homeopathic remedies I took to facilitate things...

4) What advice would you give your teenage self?
That boy is not the last one on earth who will fancy you, you will not be alone forever if he dumps you, you will get more attractive once you leave your teens behind. Don't panic!

5)  How many friends have you got?
I put this to the test when I got divorced and lost only one, so I'm able to count on 5 others, and I'm very thankful for them.

6) What is the last lie you told?
I can't remember, no lie! Whatever it was it was very insignificant. Now that I'm no longer with my ex-h, I find myself in fewer situations where lying becomes necessary. It's much less stressful too.

7) What is the worst film you ever watched (so I know to avoid)
I vaguely remember called The End of the World or something which was such an unmitigated movie of misery that I wanted to top myself when it ended. Something about a nuclear wind coming to a remote island having wiped out the rest of the world and the last family standing including the dog take cyanide at the end as it hits them. It left me deflated and miserable.

8) Do you think George Clooney is overrated?
Now there's a question. I like him, I like some of his movies but he's not a great actor. So, yes he probably is overrated as an actor but not as entertainment.

9) What trait do you most deplore in yourself?
I panic when put on the spot. I could never do one of those tele game shows, not that I would want to, but I'd just stand there gawping, my mind a blank. I seem to look out from the back of my eyes.

10) Do you get the giggles? If so, what type of thing induces them?
I do, especially when I see or hear something silly. Silliness is one of the world's great joys.

11) What in your life has been the biggest waste of money?
I got (internet love-) scammed a few years back and lost a packet (for me). Hope the fucker choked on it. Arsehole.

Now, after all that excitement I have to ask 11 questions of my own and tag some lucky fellow bloggers.

1.  What is the oldest item of clothing you still wear?

2.  Do you do enough sport?

3.  What don't you like about the house you live in?

4.  Do you use the best crockery every day?

5.  Duvet or sheets and blankets?

6.  Do you have a book in you?

7.  Complete this phrase: I am profoundly

8.  Where would you like to visit again?

9.  What is your earliest memory?

10.  What do you think of your education?

11. Did your parents bring you up proper (loik)?

You are under no obligation to do anything, but I'm feeling nosey about Trish, Jody, Corey, and Tom.