Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some Things

Inspired by Aidan's list, I've made one of my own.

Things I've chucked out
Today I finally bit the bullet on a number of plastic boxes of leftovers I had lurking in my fridge. Four in total - two contained unrecognisable organic material, one so bad it was of multi-coloured fur and could be used to inoculate a small town with penicillin.

Something I sent for cleaning
My duvet. My cat is a wee bit ill with crystals in his pee so has been trying to go everywhere, including on my bed. It could be worse, I had to throw out a duvet once after he'd had problems in the other hole and I came back from holiday to a scene of monumental disgustingness.

Something I almost bought
A khaki green parasol from Carrouf. Last year I almost bought a brick red one from another shop. I would have actually finalised the purchase on this one if it had been the one I wanted. Carrouf had them on display but the when I got to the till with the one I found on the rack it turned out to be bigger and more expensive, so I had to say that I didn't want it in its huge box. The guy on the till suggested I swap it for another one, but as I didn't know where the others were there was no point me going off on a wild goose chase. Not without a mutiny from the ranks behind me, anyway.

Something I noticed
My memory form mattress is busily remembering the shape of my cat as he sits on it minus the duvet...

Something I've been writing
Slim the Ogre grammar game apps for Edmodo, the teachers' Facebook. They sell too; I made the stunningly cool sum of $7 last Friday after 10 were snapped up by American teachers when it went live. Hanging on to the day job for the moment...

Something I did that was fun
I actually met and spent the weekend with my 2 buddies from Home Page Pays, with our other halves. We had a great time in a beautiful old farmhouse, the sort I will probably be able to buy two of thanks to my fast-selling apps... lovingly restored over almost a quarter of a century, and set in stunning countryside. We ate well, drank well and had a good old natter. It was the first time I'd been in a farmhouse of that sort, funnily enough. Most of my friends live in bog-standard modern houses that have no particular appeal except being finished.

Something I'm waiting for
A pluri-lingual birth certificate for my son. Montpellier mairie offers this service, you just have to ask for it on the contact form. This saved me from having to pay a translator to translate his French birth certificate officially. My intention was to support local business and have it done by a woman down the road, but when I rang her she wasn't in so I left a message. She never got back to me so I emailed the mairie and they did it in 48hours for free and I even got a mail to tell me it was on its way. As for the woman, tant pis pour elle.

So much for this week's excitement...