Friday, March 29, 2013

Je suis un Babtout

Or am I une babtoute (f)?

This book promotes anti-white racism
Babtout: Personne de race blanche européenne, occidental (verlan de Toubab) - a white westerner. Often used in conjunction with 'fils de pute' in the context of, for example: "Sale babtout, face de craie, fils de pute, sous-chien". Just so you know who's insulting you about what if you ever have the misfortune to cross the path of a sensitive flower from a disadvantaged background, une 'chance pour la France', who is hurt and offended if you happen to glance his way and catch his eye.

The Twittersphere erupts during key cultural television programmes such as 'Confessions Intimes' with references to #babtout, pejorative, for the most part, you'll no doubt have guessed by now.

There is a cliché in France, drummed into les petits Français at school and on the tele which says that the victims of racism are Blacks, Arabs, Muslims, and Jews, and the racists are white, right-wing Christians. This cliché has been repeated by professional anti-racism organisations so often during the last generation that everybody has come to believe it to be true, or face the consequences.

Except that, it seems all is not as it should be on the anti-racism front. Take anti-Semitic attacks on Jews. They should be the nasty work of right-wing Nazi groups - skinheads and that sort of undesirable, right? Wrong, and you'll never believe this... those responsible for anti-Semitism these days are Muslim immigrants - des chances pour la France! Remember the Bobard for the media concerning the Merah affair? That was one gigantic example of this 'new' type of racism.

Mohamed Merah shot down in cold blood 7 people including Jewish children standing outside their school. It was an anti-Semitic attack. The media all assumed it was perpetrated by an extreme right-wing Nazi. They were devastated to learn the murderer was a French-born Muslim of Algerian origin who was even on the secret service 'watched' file for his participation in Afghan terrorist camps.

This tragedy was the wake-up call for the professionals of anti-racism. Not only have they come to realise that 'les blancs' are not carrying out anti-Semitic attacks, but that they are in fact being subjected to increasingly violent anti-blanc racism. Previously it was believed that anti-white racism did not exist. Racism was a one-way street. Anyone who said differently was accused of supporting the extreme right wing.

It is, more accurately, anti-French racism because the hate is directed towards the immigrants' former colonialists. You just have to listen to the words of certain rappers to get the measure of their hate. Here is a verse from a rap by the group 'Lunatic':
"Brûler leur sperme en échantillons, souder leurs chattes
J'suis pas le bienvenu, mais j' suis là,(...),
j' suis venu manger et chier là.
Quand j'vois la France les jambes écartées j' l' encule sans huile.
Zont dévalisé l'Afrique... J'vais piller la France Tu m' dis "la France
un pays libre" (...) attends-toi à bouffer du calibre. J'rêve de loger
dans la tête d'un flic une balle de G.L.O.C.K."

(Burn their sperm samples, weld their pussies
I'm not welcome but I'm here
I came to eat and shit here
When I see France with its legs open wide, I sodomise it without oil.
They robbed Africa, I'm gonna plunder France. You tell me "France
A free country" expect to gob some caliber. I dream to lodge
in a cop's head a bullet from a GLOCK)

The Group ZEP produced this charming and jaunty number called 'Nique la France' (niquer = fuck) together with the author of the book 'Nique la France'. In this case, Said Bouamama, the author of the book, and Said of the group ZEP were indicted for racism. We haven't heard what their punishment is yet... (if any).

Examples of attacks on innocent whites abound on the net on radio and television phone-ins and local papers. The book 'La France Orange Mécanique' is full of them taken from local papers around the country. There is no point the bobo lefties trying to insist that anti-French racism doesn't exist because the reality is that it does, and even if they deny it, it doesn't stop it being real. 

Having brought to our attention the scope of anti-French racism, Obertone asks why the (government-subsidy fed) associations that track racist incidents pay no more attention to anti-white racism than to the increase in the price of petrol. Associations like SOS racisme ignore anti-blanc racism. It is not in their remit it seems. Yet, racism is colour-blind and works in all directions. The other fascinating fact about modern racism is that it doesn't even have to be about race any more. You can now be judged and fined or imprisoned for 'racism against Islam' although not against Christianity. That's still a one-way street.

So naturally, seeing as Laurent Obertone identified a lot of controversial and uncomfortable facts with figures to back them up, he was accused on the chat show 'On n'est pas couché' of writing a book which is "racist and full of hate". This extract from the programme is worth listening to, to hear "la France bobo dans toute sa splendeur" as one commentator put it - the liberal trendy media lefty in all its reality-denying glory.


  1. The obvious reply for ZEP would be: if you don't like it here, you're free to go home.
    Question number 1: who buys that kind of crap, and what radio stations dare to play it?
    Question number 2: What editor in his right mind would accept a "book" inciting hate and racism?
    Question number three: Can ZEP actually write sentences in real French, or is his just communicating with people who speak in single-syllabled insults?
    Question number four: How far can biggies like Amazon fall in their quest to sell absolutely any crap they can get their hands on?

    1. We all know, MM, that they stay because they can take out while putting nothing in. They live off welfare which they would not get 'at home' so while it might not be perfect, it's a lot better than scraping a living doing menial work in Algiers. I think it must also make them feel proud that they are niquing the French who they seem to think have ruined their lives. It's nice to have someone to blame for one's lack of responsibility and shortcomings after all.

      I didn't realise the book had been on Amazon. It's been withdrawn from sales now, but the comments on the book are fascinating. It seems like it was self-published and I'm not sure how well Amazon monitors these books. Once complaints had been made and it was part of a lawsuit I suppose they stopped all sales.

  2. I enjoyed the programme video...took me back to all the jeering self supposed superiority of the intellectually bankrupt....
    Somehow I don't miss it...

    1. I'm sure you don't! I just can't bear to watch it! :)

  3. Enjoying the blog. It opens my eyes to many things I. MM beat me to it by nominating you for a Liebster Award, so I have nominated you for an 'honorary award' on my blog whereby you don't have to answer the questions or pose more questions!
    And belated congrats on your Ambassadorship.

    1. Thanks Deborah, I'm glad you enjoy my blog.

  4. Racism comes in many forms and shapes, including anti-white racism. But la France bobo knows it all : anti-white racism doesn't exist.I have heard another silly statement: they said that gay couples never abuse their children (I think that abuse doesn't depend on sexual orientation). There is a dogma in France, and it is controlled by la gauche bobo. Once you understand this, you know that you can't use rational arguments!

    1. Exactly! French bobos are anything but rational.

  5. Wow, just read that rap a couple of times. Really violent and angry, France seems to be in for some rough times. Mind you having said that, a lot of raps here are so angry towards women.

    1. Yes, there's even talk of revolution in some places!

  6. well you can always go back to England.

    1. What a strange thing to say in response to this post.

  7. The anti-French, French people that live here (the Mohamed Merahs and the Lunatics) need to be deported. They're terrorists that feed off of the government. It's all such a mess and I wish I had something insightful and intelligent to say but the whole situation leaves me dumbfounded.

    1. You're right, it is a mess, and the government is doing zip all to sort it out. On the contrary, they are making it worse by being so lax. It's like they want to destroy French society from the inside.


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