Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 3 Covid 19 Confinement

Kittypoo (NotMyCat) teleworking

Thus spake the Prez unto the nation - thou shalt not go out except to purchase victuals and toilet rolls. It is now Day 3 and we are bearing up under the pressure of teleworking in our PJs, watching Netflix, Prime Video, reading books and playing computer games, etc..

Frankly, it could be worse.

Kittypoo has made herself very much at home and is enjoying the Covid19 crisis enormously. She is helping everyone with their teleworking, providing solace and a source of snuggles.

My eldest has set up a whiteboard outside propped up on the shutter catches.

Meanwhile, Wednesday afternoon is my afternoon off so I've made some waffle batter because it looks like we're going to take to comfort-eating and tomorrow is another day. Last night we tested out the pizza delivery options. There were none, but we could pick up at a distance swapping boxes for cheque in a parody of a dodgy spy scene.

People on Facebook have been sharing useful sites where you can watch rare films, shows from l'Opéra de Paris currently free online, and virtual museum tours. Maybe later... Plus things to do with kids inside. Not my problem any more. My youngest is watching an action movie with the woofer connected which is shaking the house to its foundations (and the neighbours' probably), and my eldest is on the XBox. Thank goodness the internet is Covid19-proof!

Here in France there is no going out any more unless you have a signed paper which states your reason - and it had better be a good one! Going to buy food, okay; going to the pharmacy, okay; going to buy cigarettes, okay... but not okay is wandering aimlessly about in search of inspiration. You can do that at home.

I have set myself a little challenge to do 30 minutes of exercise per day. I found an exercise mat when I was sorting out the very dusty top of the cupboard in my eldest's bedroom and it has some suggestions printed on it. So I'm doing a mélange of those exercises, some yoga and the plank. I tried to do some press-ups yesterday. Managed two lots of 3, then tried to do a series of 5 and collapsed at four and a half. Something to work on...

Time for a cuppa and a waffle. Stay safe and well and tune in again for another fascinating insight into a life on hold confined to barracks.


  1. Leo's just been grounded by his doctor, much to his disgust, and we have been assigned a medical student to make his hospital appointments in the capital and keep in touch with us generally. Clearly the quack, quite rightly, doesn't trust Leo as far as he can kick him!
    Plenty to do here in any case, with the animals, books, the box. and freezer and shelves stocked up. Now to put a notice on the gates to ask callers to ring me rather than just coming in.
    Elderly French friends are not taking it as quietly as you...mutterings about Gestapo, plans to mess off to have drinks and play cards with neighbours regardless, distrust of Parisians coming down to their second homes and not pleased about the postponement of the second round of voting.All it needs is a denunciation or two and there will be heads being shaved...

    1. I hope you both stay safe and well!
      The tele has been showing markets full of mostly OAPs doing their shopping as usual, not standing 1m apart and not giving a toss. The PM is talking about closing the markets down because of these elderly delinquents behaving badly. :)


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