Monday, January 09, 2006

Pop those extra mouths.

I've just been leafing through the Timesonline's food section, and Gordon Ramsey (,,4382-1933589,00.html) is in there offering recipes for winter. Very tasty they look too, but one is a hearty soup that can be added to if friends pop round and you have extra mouths to feed. Am I the only one who never has friends popping round unannounced, and never need to cater for extra mouths?

Is there something wrong with me, or do I live in a parallel universe where people usually have a ton of things going on, and have to make arrangements somewhat in advance? You see this sort of comment a lot in magazines - extra mouths to feed. I'd like to start a campaign and ask those who do the popping, or those who suffer the popping to stand up and be counted, because I don't believe you exist!

It's bad enough getting people to reply to invitations to dinner without having to put up with them arriving on a different day expecting to be fed.

As I tell my children, this is not a restaurant, you know!

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