Monday, January 09, 2006

Mini modelling

My eldest was given a brick-laying set for Christmas, with which he is able to build little houses, castles, farms or anything that takes his fancy. The bricks are 2cm long and made of clay. They are stuck together with a type of cement that melts to nothing after immersion in water for 4-5hrs so enabling multiple reuses of the bricks. It's a very creative toy.

I can't stand it and it's an irrational dislike, but I know exactly why. It reminds me all too well of horrific days tiling the yellow house - mixing the cement, placing it on the tiles - all similar motions to those used in laying the little bricks. My eldest is keen for me to participate, and while the little house he is building is very cute and looks great, the psychological impact from unhappy days does rather spoil the pleasure.

One thing is for sure, if I ever have a house built again, it would have to be finished by the builders. Never again will I undertake such major work - plumbing, tiling, painting. Some people go from one house to another doing them up and selling them on. I had one totally unpleasant experience and that's my lot - it ruined me for life!

I have to lose around 3kgs due to over-indulgence in crisps, more wine than I used to have, and not enough exercise. Luckily I have several months before it becomes an issue clothes-wise. My attempt at exercise yesterday was brought rapidly to a halt by my youngest who was trying to do something amazing on the press-ups bar, and swung over backwards so grazing his head on a stone. He bled all over his hair, and it looked quite spectacular as it always does from the head and that was the end of any exercise for the day. I did manage to do my 5 pullups, but with my extra weight it was that much tougher, and made me realise that maybe something was afoot, confirmed by those damned scales.

Otherwise it was a very pleasant weekend.

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