Monday, January 02, 2006

Waiting for ex-Hubbo(t)

I seem to have spent the greater part of the last 15 years waiting for my then husband, and it looks like I'm set to continue to wait for him even though we are getting divorced. As a doctor, naturally, he is always on unpredictable timelines in a professional situation, but unfortunately, he has allowed this flexi-time mode to spill over into his personal life too. In a nutshell, he is always late. I am a Virgo, and hate lateness beyond some fashionable leeway, or unless there has been some major incident.

To take my mind off waiting for the boys to return I have come here in the sure knowledge that I only have to get into something interesting for them to turn up. It's like going to the loo. You can be sure that the telephone, which has remained silent all day, will choose that very moment, when you are heavily occupied... to ring.

A similar situation is when you really wish to avoid bumping into someone, and Sod's Law will dictate very precisely that you do in fact come face to face by some extreme example of coincidence. If you had planned it, you would not have been able to arrive at the very same moment, as you do when you have no wish to meet up at all.

Life can be terribly contrary.

On a different note, I have been developing an aversion to opening the post box. I'm not quite sure why this should happen now as I have nothing particular to fear in the way of potential gloom and doom. Last year, things were much worse and I think I'm suffering from a delayed reaction. Still, I keep not being horrified when I go in there, so hopefully this is just a temporary affliction.

I just had a call from the flea market lady who sells me all my clothes wishing me a Happy New Year. Thought it might be news on the arrival of the boys, but I'm still here, waiting.

I'm telling you, Godot was nothing compared to my ex-h!

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