Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The artist as a lady

In this day when I hit 1000 blog views, with folks from all over the world unsuspectingly coming across my blog and actually reading my waffle, I thought I'd take this opportunity to raise the tone and show you some Art.

The other day at my cheese and wine party I met a charming lady called Diane Rauscher-Kennedy who made the delicious tuna rillettes, kept us laughing with highly entertaining anecdotes, and is an artist in more ways than one. However, for the purposes of this blog, I'll concentrate on her talents as a painter, which I appreciate very much.

She started painting as a way of distracting herself from a painful illness and found a hitherto undiscovered ability to express herself artistically in abstraction. I know nothing really about painting so I'm not going to go into a speech about her work. Suffice it to say that, for me, her intense use of colour leaves you with not just a visual impression, but also with a sensation of colour. She can also convey movement; one of her paintings is called 'Wave' which she painted after the tsunami of 2001 in which the tumbling effect fills you with the feeling that it is going to come crashing down upon you.

This last one was her first, called 'Samurai' - can you imagine never having painted before and producing this as a first attempt? Stunning!

Diane exhibits all around the region and at present is exhibiting, for those local to Montpellier, at the restaurant 'Le Lezard' which is literally on Carnon beach. It happens to be one of my favourite eateries in the area with great seafood, fantastic cadre and friendly staff. Oh, and a private beach with transats to recline upon while you recover from your delicious lunch.

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  1. I like the Samurai one..I am stunned that was a first attempt.


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