Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Adult at Last?

The Telegraph today published a fascinating article on adulthood and how adults are sadly lacking in the modern world, or rather, in Western society.

I remember wondering when I would feel I'd grown up, because, although my body was ageing at a standard rate year by year, month by month, my head did not seem to be keeping up. I was with, and then married to a man who was, at the same time both doctor and student. We had a complex life; that of both responsible adult couple and 'student' doctor couple. Medical studies in France can drag on for years and years. My ex-h is 40 this year and he has not yet achieved what he set out to achieve, viz, Chef de Service. Contempories of his we met in the US from Canada, Australia and, of course, the US are all well-established docs at the top of their profession.

I was thus keen to make an assessment of my adulthood status along the lines proposed in the article. From the 'How to be an adult' section, therefore:
  1. Don't be affronted: I don't know the last time I was affronted, mainly because I ignore those likely to cause offense.
  2. Mistrust anything catchy: as this is likely to prevent thought. Yep, slogans often sell cheap ideas to idiots who can't cope with critical thought.
  3. Ignore celebrities: easy, this one. Unless they have a skill, natural gift, expertise that is the source of their fame, they have no right to celebrity status and are not worthy of any more attention than the next wo/man.
  4. We should not assume that market forces will decide wisely. The market is rigged by manipulation and infantilisation: it is indeed, and most people are also remarkably stupid (hence 'the masses') and follow trends blindly.
  5. Consider our own motivations: I deal with my life, ignore the crap issued from 'official' sources, and have faith in my opinions.
  6. Autonomy: yes, at last!
  7. Suspect administration: absolutely. They seek to serve themselves first, perpetuate the status quo, and would rather the organisation they serve would just shut up and go away as they are messy and get in the way.
  8. Do not love yourself unconditionally: I have a laugh when I look or behave like an idiot. Quite often, in fact.
  9. Never do business with a company offering 'solutions': I don't.
  10. Denounce relativism: I know what is right and wrong, and it's just as right/wrong for me as it is for you.
  11. Watch our language: I do say 'shit' and 'hell' from time to time...
  12. Hide: I hide upstairs on the computer, and on the piano with the earphones on. I can't always be 'on call'.
  13. Eat it up: oh, I'm a joy to feed! I have no kooky dietary requirements, am not vegetarian, vegan, allergic to anything and am never on a diet.
  14. Never vote for, do business with or be pleasant to anyone who uses the words 'ordinary people'. Exactly; who is 'ordinary'? Condescending buggers. (Oh, I use the word 'bugger' too...)
Which leads me to the conclusion that I have reached a state of adulthood, and, what is more, so have all my friends. It seems to be something that characterises them, indeed, and it's interesting that this article has enabled me to pinpoint one of their fundamental appeals. I must be particularly blessed in having a priviledged entourage unpolluted by vapid overgrown adolescents.

We'll just pass over my inherent silliness and desire to be flippant.

I am British, don't forget...

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