Monday, October 23, 2006

Artistic Endeavors

This is a self-portrait of my youngest doing what he loves best. Please note the happy smile and active demeanor; the blue sky and casual sun. The picture formed part of an 'identity booklet' which he produced at school. On the cover was a photocopied, blown-up photo of himself which he had partly coloured in, and inside the same picture, traced and reproduced - bit like artistic Chinese whispers.

There was also a piece of string representing his height, a hand print and footprint. It was such an adorable ensemble, and artistic, I was really proud of his school and the work they enabled him to produce.

It is nearly half-term which is why we are getting all the artwork to take home. I was also given a roll of a number of paintings he had done since September. I noticed that other bundles were thicker than his, which had a mere 3 pictures inside, but I suppose it's quality, not quantity which counts... I think, thus, it would be fair to say that as an artist, he is not exactly prolific, but he aint half cute!

He and his brother had a jolly time this evening, as did the RA, as we had a DIY supper. Saturday last saw us not in Intermarche, but in Carrefour, with all that that implies: more choice, higher spending...

One of the jolly items we fell for was a packet of 'lavash' which seem to be some sort of oriental flat bread which you fill and make into a pancake-like sausage. Last night we had a roast chicken, so today, we had the leftovers presented in a little bowl together with bowls of corn, apple, onion, white cabbage, and mayonnaise, peanut butter, ketchup and banana.

We all took a square of lavash and filled it as we wished. My eldest, renowned for his picky ways, ate 5 sausage sandwiches stuffed with peanut butter, chicken, corn and apple. My youngest was not so keen, so he was tonight's Captain Picky. They like to rotate the title, my two.

I would, however, consider the evening meal a roaring success as doing it DIY leant a wonderfully spontaneous aspect to everything and brought out laughter, good humour and a lovely atmosphere. To be recommended!

Previously, the RA and my eldest had both been practising their violins at the same time, and it sounded exactly like a music school. I had been playing the piano - I must buy some more music - on which I am making gradual but steady progress. I am using old piano books that I had when I was my eldest's age - grade 3 and various exercise books, plus some grade 5 music, which is where I stopped to concentrate on the viola.

Mind you, it's much more amusing on a digital piano. There's so much more you can do what with all the different instrument sounds, a metronome, possibility to record and listen and even play along the musical selection already programmed in, either with both hands or one. Plus the advantage of earphones means you can make as awful a noise as you like and no one near is wincing privately.

By gum it's all such fun!


  1. Your little artist's identity book so impressed me, that I talked about it when I was in Aix for the Doctorate session!!!

    As an artist to another, Bravo young man!!!!

    NG, lovingly

  2. I hadn't realised it, but he's even drawn in the studs on his footie boots!


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