Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Jacksonburger Rescue

I was so appalled by what is going on around me that I couldn't face lunch today. Or rather I took one look at the fridge and decided to eat out. Wednesdays are a bit of a rush anyway as I have to take my eldest to his violin lesson, and the thought of scrabbling something together when my head was feeling shredded was too much.

I had lunch out yesterday too, for the same reason, and went to dine sumptuously at the Clos des Oliviers in St Gély du Fesc. The owner, Oliver Peskine, is a generous supporter of Promo' Arts so whenever possible, we spoil ourselves by eating chez lui. It's a tad pricey for us, but there are times when things get so bad, the only solution is a decent meal in peaceful, attractive surroundings. Actually, since last year, I call those meals a Train Bleu.

Yesterday I was with others, today I was alone, and had roughly 20 minutes during my eldest's lesson to grab a bite. Despite the horrors of last Friday's encounter with a Quick repas enfant, I opted to go to Jacksonburger which is a French burger joint. Quite by chance, some beautiful harp music was playing on the radio as I made my way there, which helped drain out the toxicity from my head.

I ordered a 'Cevenol' which has a ciabatta-type bread roll and goat's cheese with the burger. It, and the frites were cooked fresh, were piping hot and smelt appetising. A bottle of Evian washed it all down, and I felt somewhat detoxed when I'd finished. On the way out, I thanked the guy behind the counter for the burger, said how I had appreciated that it was so fresh, and it was just what I'd needed. It was quiet in there, and he smiled back at me. I felt I had probably walked in looking grey, and gone out looking human again.

The nightmare is ending and I'm hoping we can look forward to some much needed peace and quiet!

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  1. Ahhhhhhh...nos Trains Bleus comme il nous font du bien! C'est magique quand le ciel est gris et le coeur est noir!


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