Monday, May 14, 2007

Sadistic Concrete

I have a lot of things to rant about, but am constraining myself, with difficulty, to ranting only about the damage inflicted on cars by invisible posts.

I have buggered my front bumper and I'm sure it'll have to be changed, at vast expense. I did it on Saturday when I went to have my hair done. I parked next to a hedge and as I was reversing out, crunched the bumper on a very low rectangular concrete block.

It tore the bumper off on the right hand side and there's no way I can have it fixed. It'll have to be replaced. There is no reason why a concrete block should be where it was as it was next to a perfectly innocent hedge which was bothering no one.

France is full of tactical pièges. Low iron posts (called bites, or willies), low concrete posts, pointless blocks and some designed to keep traffic off the pavement. They are all fatal for the hapless bumper that happens to get itself caught on the wrong side.

They are totally invisible to the driver and must be placed purposely as a sadistic effort to piss off unsuspecting car users. Had I a spare stick of dynamite I would blow the damned concrete block up. As it is, I'm wondering if I can't take a jemmy to it and hike it onto the carpark thus blocking all passage to the little shops and flats.

I'm feeling stroppy, as you can tell. The car is set to cost a packet, the cat is costing a packet, and some things are pretty diabolical elsewhere in my life. Soon, however, all will be resolved, and frankly, the sooner the better!


  1. Oh dear! I hope you're feeling better now!

    Bloody cars, bloody parking hazards and bloody French drivers! The sooner global oil supplies dry up completely and everyone is forced to use bikes and shanks's pony, the better.

  2. I'm getting there, antipo... I could cope with biking to work, once my youngest starts CP locally. Having to take him to the village next door by bike would be a reeeeal pain!!

  3. It made me laugh. The post has no right to be there! I do sympathise its happened to me twice in my life I am now of an age and have the time to look for wayward posts and low walls. In a town I visit not far from Montpelier the powers that be have decreed that to stop people parking concrete hemispheres about 8" high are placed on the forbidden areas. Great idea to stop the likes of me from parking there, but any old 4x4 parks there without problem and rumour has it that the Mayor and all his cronies have 4x4s!

  4. The bollards we have in Grenoble are plastic so if you happen to back into one, it just bends. Very reassuring...


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