Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday dear Meee
Happy Birthday to Me

Now, how old shall I be this year?

This year I'M GOING TO FINISH MY BOOK if it kills me!

NO MEN until I do! They get in the way, see?

I'm always perky on my birthday. Today I was so perky when I went to the Mairie and they asked me to fill out a card with my details on to keep track of the village's population, I wrote down 'Writer' for 'Occupation'.

There's daring!

The lady on the desk was impressed, and asked what sort of writing. I told her, novelist, but that I had a job too, before she started asking me what I'd published... (eek!) I'm hoping I won't be struck down with a bolt from on high... or my computer be struck with a bolt from on high - even worse!


  1. Hello Gigi!

    This is a continuation of singular bliss...please forgive me Sarah for not using the right post.....

    It comes about slowly but surely - I missed the evening with some one to talk to - but now I have my funny little dog and all my friends...and really special Sarah and her boys!

    Then after several years as I no longer had any poisonous ados at home (dreadful ungrateful Mum)...I realised that, oh, youppie, I could live for myself tooooo -

    And then, my big bed I could sprawl about from one side to the other and in the mlddle too!

    Courage Gigi - it all comes about little by little, and all of a sudden it is no longer lonliness, it's just another way of living, and so rich. Friends, activities, choice of timetables etc.

    As far as ados are concerned, I pampered mine - and it was a drastic mistake! They therefore thought that I was a commoditiy and if I could start again I would be a vicious judeo christian Mum, and bang them with a baseball bat on every occasion...

    Familiarity breeds contempt! If you scare the daylights out of them when they are impossible, I think it seems to be more efficient than being understanding and disponible.

    My children are now grown up, chefs d'entreprises, parents...and self centered, frick et frime and nothing of what I had given them as principles.

    However, the story is no so sad, because I was over 6o, well over sixty before I got down to cosy living for me....and my "family" is actual a choice and not a blood relationship. And it's heaven. For the first time in my whole life my loved ones appreciate me, join me to all their activities, have time for me and like what I have to offer in return. It's HEAVEN.

    Dear Gigi - you never get over a broken heart or abandon, or cruel selfish children, but you certainly learn to live with it and get another GORGEOUS life instead!!!!

    However a fellow psy told me yesterday that I was so Zen it was a bit "too much".

    Taratata....I'm delighted to have my glass always half full instead of half empty...Zen Zen Zen...

  2. Happy birthday, Sarah! I love having a birthday too - especially this year as it was on the 07.07.07! So this is meant to be a mega year for me - so far, so good, fingers crossed and all that! Have a great day, Writer (with a capital W please!).

    Agree totally with ng and all she says about children - ungrateful, selfish things that they are - and the older they get the worse they become!

  3. Many happy returns of the day!

    May your champagne be sparkly and bright,
    And your chocolate as dark as the night!

  4. Best wishes (if now sadly belated) for a very happy birthday, Sarah.

    And good for you in professing yourself to the world as a writer from now on.

    Walking the talk - that sounds like a great approach to me.

  5. Ng - thank you so much...I was feeling especially down recently because my 'sweet-butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth' ado has inexplicably turned into rat poison with nobs on. The other two are angels in comparison. Anyway, now I know my time will come :-)

    Happy Birthday Sarah! I know you'll finish your book and - please - keep us up to date because it's great motivation for me about giving us a post about 'A Day in the Life of a Writer' or something? I'd be fascinated to know how you organise yourself. I might write one myself although it would mostly be about daydreaming, getting distracted by the Internet and looking out of the window.

    Hope you had a great day and lots and lots of cake!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOU...and tonite we will make sure it is!!The cake, the goodies and all and all, your pals, the children, LOTS of powerful booze and we shall make merry for Sarah the writer with the mostest....even hairy Mon Jules knows that something is up and is dashing back and forth with his teddy bear like a maniac!



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