Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Youm to Muskita

About a year ago, I tasted a drink by the name of Youm. It was being launched by Pierre Massotte and his wife and they brought some to Diane Rauscher-Kennedy's annual vernissage at Galeries Lafayette's restaurant. Although not polished, I found it had potential as it was delicious - light, fragrant and bubbling.

The name, however, I thought was crap, and sent them an email the next day to tell them so. I came up with an alternative suggestion 'Muscatier' as the drink is made with immature muscat grapes. I thought it was quite a snazzy name with connotations of young men being dashing to beautiful ladies. I never heard back from them, which I thought odd although I knew they were very busy trying to get the product off the ground.

This summer, I'm sure I read in the regional rag that another launch had been made of Youm, and I was horrified to see the name had not been changed.

Then last night, Diane and I were invited to dinner with a meeting of the local Rotary club where she was to give a speech to encourage them to help Promo'Arts. It was a very nice evening, Diane's speech went down well, and I was sitting next to Pierre Massotte. So I asked him about Youm, and he told me they had changed the name. To 'Muskita'. Oh, said I, I wrote to you to tell you the name was crap, made a suggestion for an alternative and never heard back... Well, apparently they did write back. I just never got the mail. Anyway, they must have heard from other sources too that the name Youm was not going to sell a fridge to an eskimo, maybe took my suggestion of Muscatier, and adapt it slightly to make it their own.

I still prefer my suggestion. I think the name Muskita is too feminine to appeal to guys - what guy is going to ask for a bottle for himself? Nah, Muscatier is still my tip top tip but what do I know...?

Anyway, it looks like they will sponsor us for our next jolly fund-raising event in April - a Bodegita which is a little Bodega with tapas and lively music. They liked the idea of associating Muskita with the Bodegita, which does sound a fun combination. However, we are desperate for logistical sponsorship and were hoping for some support from a Rotarian or two last night.

Fund-raising is incredibly difficult here even though contributions can be off-set against taxes. You would not believe the energy and money that has to be spent to bring in a single donation of 25Eur. When we're trying to help set up a bone-marrow transplant centre at the university hospital (Arnaud de Villeneuve) with Dr Margueritte - not a cheap undertaking - it's not surprising it takes so long getting things done! Our Bodegita will help, and our guests will have great fun while they are helping others. Isn't that how it works best?!

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  1. Oh good God it is more than difficult to get money...but after our lovely smart evening with the rotarians last evening, I got a 'phone call about it from the young, glamorous and energetic fellow at our table, to go into it - and "to know the difference between a bienfaiter or a sponsor", sic

    I said it was the size of the be discussed soon at a luncheon...sic.!!


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