Monday, January 07, 2008

Hither & Thither

One is supposed to start a new year full of resolutions to rectify all those appalling habits one had fallen into over the previous year. Usually, they have been binned by week 2 as way too painful, boring and irritating, and what was wrong with the bad habits when all's said and done anyway?

I have lapsed once again into semi-inertia and it's only January 7. Ho hum... I had a week free of boys in which I had planned to write. What did I do? Rage over a man. Uselessly. Not the whole week, I hasten to add, just a couple of days, but it did spoil the momentum I had hoped I had been working up to undertake the tedious task of editing. Then I started reading, which absorbed me so completely I didn't want to do anything else on Saturday except finish the book and I was, in any case, in a spaced out state due to Friday evening's activities, so was useless for anything requiring motivation.

Now I feel in need of a holiday. 2008 is not starting well!

On the bright side, there's snow at Mont Aigoual and I think we'll go skiing this weekend for the day. This makes me feel all chipper again because it's a variation on the theme of ye olde typical weekend, and variety is the spice of life. I'd better ask to have this engraved on my tombstone although it has led me down some very regrettable paths...

The best day to go would be Saturday, but of course, we've been invited out to lunch. So it'll have to be Sunday with the crowds. Hopefully they'll all get up late, so if we make a resolution to get up early and arrive for the opening of the ski rental shop, we'll be able to enjoy some good skiing before the hoards arrive and with luck they'll only want to go sledging anyway...

Is it me, or has my grammar gone to pot??

At some point, I'll tell you all about the delights of the Yacht Club restaurant in the Grande Motte, but you'll have to wait for that I'm afraid, although, in a nutshell, it's fab.

I did get to edit this evening and hated/loved it. I tell you, 2008 is weird!


  1. How true...2008 has produced the wierd effect of my giving in completely..the hyperactive Granny has gone into a slothful coma...and no way can I shake it off. Is it the cold, or the others. Their inertia when you contact them, try to get them enthusastic about great projects for others end up by slowing you down something terrible!

  2. My sympathies Dearie. As my dear Ms. Mac once said:

    "What are men, but Massive Millstones around our necks?”

  3. Oooh, Antipo, that's very naughty... they are also quite delightful, sometimes...


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