Saturday, January 05, 2008

Forever Jammies

At 11.23 precisely I looked at the time on the computer and realised it was nearly 11.30, and I was still in my jammies. Ooer, thought I and tried to think of the last time, barring illness, I had been in my jammies at 11.30am. Maybe... er no... or... no no - not since my last bout of maternity in fact have I been so obviously slothful.

I will point out that I didn't get to bed until 1.30am, and was only up because Ulysse the cat had whined and moaned at 9am until he was let in, decided not to go out in the rain, and jumped on the bed to keep me company for another hour and a half. I had been eating my breakfast whilst reading The Times online - what Jeremy Clarkson thinks of the new beemer 135i (he loves it), the introduction of speed cameras on Swiss slopes to counter the growing number of ski accidents (plus comments), Caitlin Moran on Jason Donovan's return to the screen (small), and Natalie Haynes on the geezer who bought 1000 barrels of oil at $100 yesterday because he wanted to be the first ever in the history of the world to pay that much (and promptly lose $600 on resale). I did also skim through the Kenyan crisis before you start wondering whether I read anything of importance...

Which brings me back to sitting in front of my computer in my jammies and realising that shopping has to be done, it's raining and it's my last full day being boy-free. Then accepting that I can go shopping whenever, eat whenever, and stay in my jammies until 4pm if the mood thus takes me. So now it's 12.03; I'm showered and dressed and dithering. I really don't want to go out, but I do need to go shopping... for food - one those 'essentials'...

And as I really can't be bothered I think I'll just get back to my present read - Kate Atkinson's Case Histories, and have spaghetti at some indeterminate point for 'lunch'. Obviously I'm in mañana mode...

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  1. Me too - "just can't be bothered" frame of mind, it's raining cats and dogs and don't feel like working. Much better under a cosy couette with cuddly dog!

    I just won the world record of procratination!


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