Thursday, January 03, 2008

Is it nearly summer yet?

With the rain lashing the side of the building, low storm clouds racing across the sky and a general feeling of doom and gloom, one's thoughts turn to the summer. Winter hasn't been around long - what is it, barely two weeks? - and I've had enough already.

I'm fed up with going home to a cold, dark dwelling, casually warmed by two crappy electric heaters. The odd draft from who knows where, like an icy finger caressing delicately one's tender cheek. Under the stairs seems to be the main source of suspicion but I can't actually pinpoint the precise spot which I could then block with blutack...

The only thing good about having a cold season is that you can turn on the bed warmer and plunge your toes not into the freezing depths of potential frost-bite, but down into toasting heaven. It's almost worth suffering the unwelcoming cold dampness of an early morning bathroom for... almost. You will have gathered by now that my house is not centrally-heated...

However, it could be worse... I could live in Canada!

Anyway, back to the summer. In days of yore, one would pore over brochures of tantalising summer destinations. In these mad modern times, one presses a key or two and brings up every single destination on earth, including Bradford.

However, I am just looking for a nice cheap place to stay in Gower for the atomically expensive week of July 26. There'll be three of us, unless I pick up a tasty hunk of male 'perfection' between now and then (who'd fancy holidaying with me, two boys, the folks, possibly sundry brothers, cousins, uncle Tom Cobbly and all...) and you would think that a nice little cottage would be just the thing at less than £300. Or a caravan. Not a bog or a sea cave though. Or even a tent.

And pigs might fly yonder o'er Port Eynon, and Oxwich because there is not a cheap rental to be had this side of Merthyr Tydfil.

Which brings me to an annoying feature about this week. It seems to be following a certain pattern which I am getting a tad snippy about. What's the point of trying to be well-organised if all around you are not cooperating? Can one be well-organised in a vacuum? I think not.

Come to think of it, I may just go back to Giles' place outside Mumbles which, at £360 for the week is coming across as more of a good deal with every day that passes. And it does have a marvellously well-stocked bar! (which I do no more than admire...)

In the meantime, the sky is now black, the wind is raging and I have to go out in it. Wish me luck...


  1. Try Home From Home

    or you might find caravans like this near Fairwood Common

  2. What's Giles' place, by the way ?

  3. Hello laban, this is Giles' place

    Just up from Limeslade.

    Thanks for the addresses - the flat is just down from Giles' place, but not sure where the campsite is.


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