Sunday, May 04, 2008

Les Matelles en Fete

Now is the month of May, with days off galore and more
The sun is out, hurrah, we shout, but cream up or you'll be sore!

On Thursday May 1 while some were celebrating this Commie day with demonstrations and serious complaining, we went to the beach. We went again today and I'm now a rather dramatic colour in varying shades of browny pinky red. The weather is beautiful - not too hot, but sunny with a gentle breeze. The kids have been in the water, been searching for crabs, playing footie and generally taking in lots of fresh sea air.

Yesterday was the Medieval fête at Les Matelles, our local pretty Medieval village. I took my boys plus another 6 year old friend of my youngest. The three boys were thrilled because of the prospect of much weaponry to be seen and potentially bought. I was feeling a bit rough, and did not go shopping on Saturday morning with the result that we had nothing to eat in the house at lunch time, so we made pancakes. I then managed to drag myself out with the boys and drove us to this very attractive village. We went early enough in the afternoon to be able to park and try the activities without huge queues.

As we arrived, one of the first stands were saw was selling wooden swords and other medieval essentials such as shields, bows & arrow sets, crossbows, tabards, slings and daggers. Naturally, the boys fell on it with glee and suggested that it might help them understand the Medieval fête if they were able to wield the odd weapon. Naturally, I refused and told them we'd see if they were good.

A saintly aura overcame all three and we trotted off to look at the rest of the displays. Participants kitted out in full Medieval gear showed us metal helmets, real swords in their leather sheaths, chain-mail, the making of chain-mail, the writing implements, and how to make armour. There was also a stand where you could play the board games around then, and a whole section full of wooden games of various sorts courtesy of the Compagnie des Jeux du Monde. All free.

Having played on the games, tried the juggling, the writing with a bit of stick, and admired all the stands selling real daggers and vicious-looking swords, the boys finished up having a sword fight each with one of the participants using a pretend foam sword. It looked great fun and they all had a good go at getting down to some action.

Finally, I was reminded that we had to go and look at the wooden sword stand on our way out - how could I forget - which is what we did. The stand - Caribou Nature - was full of incredibly appealing toys weapons, and as I would prefer the boys play energetically outside, and I would have loved to have had such toys when I was young, I bought a cross-bow, a bow & arrow set and a sword and horn. It was very gratifying seeing the sheer joy on the faces of the boys, and pride as they carried their weapons back to the car. As I told them, they had been well-behaved and sensible about staying close together, and as such deserved a little pressie.

It was a super afternoon, full of action, interesting things to see and learn about, and all free. Definitely one to do again next year.


  1. Sounded like great fun! Love those Medieval weapons!

  2. A promise of a present always works well on boys (girls, too)


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