Wednesday, May 07, 2008

School's Out Again!

My boys came back from two weeks holiday on April 27. Barely two weeks later they have another 5 days off, 5.5 if you include this afternoon. How come? Well tomorrow is a holiday - the teachers have opted to be off on Friday, and despite the fact that Monday is not supposed to be a holiday any more, the teachers are taking Monday off too. Then, just for good measure they are going on strike on Thursday.

My place of work does not take either Friday or Monday off, so I am obliged to dig into my holiday time and take vacation days. I am not impressed. Furthermore, it's going to rain on Friday so we won't even be able to go and laze about on the beach.

In other news, my tele table has arrived, and I think I have correctly installed the tele and hifi in their new home. The connections were rather tortuous so it'll be a bit touch and go if they all work. I have two dvd players one of which was bought as a surround system and the other de-zoned. The player part of the surround one doesn't work any more but the amplifier part does so I have an annoying excess of players but I'll have to go out and buy another surround system if I want to get rid of the extra one. That's not exactly on my list of priorities right now.

I've just had to buy a new kettle and toaster because my old kettle caught fire rather dramatically. It was a crappy thing from Norma and the automatic safety cut-off obviously didn't work, so it carried on heating even though there was no water and the inevitable happened. As the toaster also came from crappy Norma I chucked it out too. I then went to Darty and bought a new set. There at least you can rely on their products working properly and not posing a fire hazard! The house could so easily have gone up in flames. It was pretty scary.

Pretty scary too this evening was a man in a car who couldn't be bothered to go round the roundabout by Intermarché and wanted to just turn left, at a nearly blind corner. Just as he was turning a car came along from the left and tooted him crossly as well he might. Undetered, guy in front waited until he'd gone and then turned left. I really hoped he'd have an accident then I could be a witness and grass him up, the twat.

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