Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Low Down Brown

Poor Gordon Brown. It's his anniversary - one year at the Top. One year in the position he yearned for, bargained for, and schemed for, and now that he has it, and has had time to prove himself, he's shown to have been promoted to his level of incompetence.

I have a friend here who is a fonctionnaire. He's a Director of some administrative something or other at the university. He told me that fonctionnaires are regularly promoted to their level of incompetence which is why so much functions so badly. They are not considered for a job based on their expertise, but on their 'ancienneté' - how long they've been in their previous job. Who you're pally with counts too, and how well you did (to some extent) in your previous job. It seems that your capacity to cope with the next level is ignored, and once there of course, you cannot be removed.

Not so with our Gordon, however. He can be removed, and undoubtedly will be at the earliest opportunity. The Telegraph asked various people to contribute to his first year report. The poor guy did not come out of it very well (no surprises there). The best comment came from my favourite philosopher, Alain de Botton:
Brown has spent his whole life as a politician talking about creating a society where everyone should be allowed to explore their ambitions to the full. His personal and now the national tragedy is that he has been able to do precisely this - with terrible results. He is a reminder that we often need to be saved from our own dreams.
The poor guy just isn't a leader. He's lacking that fateful ingredient which would transform him from dour doer to inspirational leader. These are hard times. The UK needs someone who can rally the nation to stand behind him. Sarkozy got the French inspired at the last election - he's a leader. Brown is not.

Self-delusion when you're the head of a nation is so dangerous, as has been devastatingly proven by that other self-delusionist - George Bush.

Gordon doesn't have the power to ruin the world but he can successfully bring the UK to its knees, and is doing. He's in way over his head, poor guy.

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