Friday, August 01, 2008

Blighty, here I come!!!

Oh BAD me. No blog since July 24th? Where does the time go???

Well, it's gonna get worse as I'm off on happy hols TODAY YAYYYY!!!! Picking up the boys and dashing off to Blighty on Eurostar.

I may or may not get a chance to blog from there, so be patient sweet readers. I'll be back in 2 weeks.

If you're on holiday yourself, bonnes vacances!!!!

Fancy a merry read in French? Try NG's blog where she is recounting her extremely fascinating childhood.

Got lots to tell you, but it'll have to wait.....


  1. Oh, well, isn't that just typical? Discover a super new blog and the owner has legged it on a holiday.

    Ho hum.

  2. Have a fab holiday Saz - see you here and on ww when you get back. F

  3. Why, that's mighty nice of you to say so, SS. Thanks, and I'm back so Hurrah!

    OMG I've got so much to catch up on on WW I need a holiday to get through it all!!!


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