Monday, August 18, 2008

De Retour

Do you ever think it would be a jolly good idea to take a holiday to get over your holiday? Yeah, me too. We got in at gone 11pm last night having been delayed on the train for nearly an hour with the result that I was in dire need of sleep this morning.

Ideally, 24 hours of being prostrate on my bed leaving it only in search of sustenance (a challenge after 2 weeks away) and other needs... is what I longed for. Instead I got to crawl into work and sit looking at some error message on my computer.

A far cry from rock-pooling at Little Langland (yes, Laban, you were right!), striding over the cliff tops of Pennard, mooching around charity shops in (fruitless) search of a stainless steel teapot, jumping to and fro across the Meridian line at Greenwich and stomping through a soggy English countryside near my bro's place.

I even got accosted by a mad Welsh landlady, the owner of the little place my parents stay at in Blackpill just outside Mumbles, Mrs G. She was a rubbish nazi, a type ever more prevalent it seems where the idea of imposing rubbish fines seem to be bringing delight to every jobsworth in local government.

Blighty - not the place to go for sun, value for money, or public privacy, but it's home de coeur and very nice where it is.

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  1. Surely this entry should be headed "La Rentrée"? Or perhaps, to be a bit original, "La Rentreuse".

    I do hear how soggy southern England has been lately, and reckon myself lucky that my week there in July was much nicer.


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