Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where Were You?

An interesting take on last night's (French time) inauguration of Barack Obama was that any criminal worth his salt was out committing as many crimes as possible around 6pm because of the potential for a cast iron alibi : "I woz watching that Obama geezer on tele, innit?" Heard on France Info radio this morning. I was rather taken with that.

The ceremony will go down in history as one of those "What were you doing when...?" moments, apparently.

Personally, I was rushing back from work, picking up my boys, then insisting that XBox Halo 3 go off, France 2 go on (tried to get it on the BBC but the video to which the Digibox is connected was on or off and so there was no sound and I couldn't work it out until much later in the evening when I had my brain back when it was too late, but I'd given it up as a bad job for the inauguration seconds after I found I could hear nothing), had a call from C that her son had gone walkabout, accepted the offer of my eldest to go and look for him (so missing the year's most historically important moment yet, but this was a child wandering about in the dark, so needs must!), fielded two pointless phone calls, got spuds into the oven to bake and finally sat down with my youngest to watch a few minute's worth. After which he turned over to watch The Simpsons which was quite a contrast.

I'm not sure I'll remember all that to relate to my grandchildren, so I'm glad I noted it down here as I'm sure they'll be fascinated...

My eldest was back by the time the Bush helicopter was taking off to fly him to Texas, missing child safely found and being given a bollocking by his mother, and he wondered aloud what Bush must be thinking about. Being a mean little bugger, I suggested that he did very little thinking as a rule and this was probably no exception, so nothing in particular was likely to be going through his head except "Ooh it was parky out there, glad I wore my thermals, what a relief to be inside again, thank God for Texas!"

Anyway, Barack Obama's inauguration was a fine moment for America, so good luck to him, and let's hope he brings a more levelled, intellectual degree of thinking to the world's international problems.

The opposite to the knee-jerk evangelical self-serving loony right approach of the previous prez...

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