Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clean Me

There are two types of people in the world, are there not, when it comes to keeping their cars clean. On the one hand you get the obsessive maniacs who are out there every Sunday hoovering, polishing, buffing, and generally ensuring the inside is as perfect as it was when it left the showroom.

On the other hand, you get people who have too many other things to do and only when it gets to crisis levels find a couple of hours to carry out a military-style blitz to bring the state of the car back to acceptable levels.

Guess which type I am... hehe.

So, yesterday, after a wet Sunday and a bike competition in the mud, crisis levels had reached Level 6 - 'AAARRGH' (ie full of mud, mud dust, bits of paper, pebbles, plastic gun ammo, broken toys and other sundry rubbish). I could have carried on ignoring it, but my TWBD and I are taking my car to Nice tonight so we can use the boot to carry garden furniture, and I know he would make cheeky remarks all the way there and back.

As I like my car and adore my TWDB, I pulled my finger out and spent 2 hours - yes, it took 2 hours - bringing it back to a civilised state. I emptied out the rubbish then took it to Carrouf to use the industrial vehicle vacuum. It took two sets of 7 minutes to hoover the inside, the boot and all the mats except one which I forgot about because it was on the floor at the front of the car and was hidden by the open door. Oops...

Then I banged the mats against the special mat-banging rack and, covered in dust, drove home. Then I dusted it with Pliz and cleaned the windows too. The only thing I didn't do was wash the outside because a) we've had a lot of rain recently and the car was quite clean; and b) it will certainly rain again soon, and definitely will if I wash the car.

I had asked my youngest if he wanted to help, and amazingly, he'd said no, he preferred to play footie. I couldn't ask my eldest as he'd injured himself yesterday running a sprint race at school and pulled a muscle or something. He can barely walk at the moment, poor lad.

I was very proud of the result of my hard work. The car doesn't look showroom clean - I'm not an obsessive maniac afterall - but it looks very presentable and certainly enough to silence any cheeky comments my TWDB might be inspired to make.

Actually when he saw it he was very impressed and pleased that I'd made such an effort on his behalf.


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