Sunday, January 31, 2010


Good grief it's been freezing today. The sun was shining seductively, inviting me to think of fun things to do outside, but as soon as I put my nose through the door, I recoiled in horror and cold and revised the day's plans.

Not wishing to spend yet another Sunday pointlessly however, I braved the garden and cleared up all the mess of old toys, broken pots, bits of wood and general mess. Then I put it in the car with more rubbish and took it all to the tip.

I said a cheery hello to the tip guy and he gave me a handy leaflet all about recycling light bulbs. They wouldn't accept the old sort, but the new energy-saving ones are okay apparently. So not only did I improve the winter desolate look of the garden, but I also learned something new and useful. Not bad for an otherwise tedious Sunday.

My eldest sat around, bored. He tried to get some racing set going with my youngest but it seems to be broken so they gave up in disgust. I'll have to make another trip to the tip... I suggested he read, which he did eventually after I said he could put the tele back on if he read two chapters (of Dune I). I'm ashamed at resorting to bribery to achieve such a victory, but needs must... One must be practical.

I think I've now had enough of winter though. Roll on spring and some warm weather.


  1. As the dad of a 12-year-old living in the US I was beginning to despair of him ever getting his tongue around English words (as opposed to colonialisms!). I recently forceably introduced him to a translation of Guy de Maupassant's short stories ... and, wonder of wonders, he's actually liking them! With any luck it'll teach him some history and add a little to his vocabulary. Next is a book of all of Arthur Clark's short stories. He likes SF.

  2. I've got a book of G de M's short stories, I think. In English though. I'll have to check. Thanks for the tip, Mike!


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