Saturday, January 30, 2010

With GOB

Oh for a GOB. I used to have one. Pal B was my GOB between his divorce and his departure for the US. Having a spare buddy is very useful. A Going Out Buddy, one who you can just go out and have a bit of a laugh with when one's TWDB is not around. Just a laugh. No funny stuff.

I got a Facebook invitation to a fun-sounding 'After Work' at the Compagnie des Comptoirs in Montpellier. Drinkies and tapas in convivial surroundings. Lovely, cool, thought I. Where was my TWDB? Driving to Nice. So that was that.

If I'd had a GOB, I could have emailed her/him or even called, and gone out to spend a jolly evening. Actually, I did spend a jolly evening. I went down the road and had chilli and Eastenders with me mates. Thank god for friends!!

However, I'd also like to go out and taste the evening life of the city. I'm shockingly ill-informed really, but then I'm not going to go by myself. If my TWDB is going to be away, I really need a GOB.

Offers on a postcard.

* * *

Talking of going out, the government are cracking down on laxist Tickets Restaurants (luncheon vouchers) policies. They are supposed to be used by employees who don't have a work cantine to eat in a local restaurant. However, they can also be used to buy foodstuffs in supermarkets, which is where it starts getting complicated.

The regulations stipulate that supermarkets cannot accept more than 2 tickets at a time, but some will take as many as you like. Restauranteurs don't like this saying it's unfair competition despite the fact that they got a huge fiscal pressie with a reduction in VAT to 5.5% last year. Some people are never happy.

If TR were accepted only in restaurants there'd be no problem. The trouble starts when people can go to the supermarket and buy a week's worth of food to make lunches. If you follow the regulations, you would have to go to the shops every week day which, if you're in the car and have limited time, is environmentally unsound and just plain stupid.

Starting in April, shops will be obliged to follow the regulations. The restauranteurs think this will bring more people into their premises, but according to the readers of le Figaro, this is the last thing they intend to do. Reasons given are that they don't have time (1hr including travel to get to a busy restaurant is not a lot), restaurants are too expensive, they only have a MacDo or some unhealthy eatery nearby, restauranteurs have already had a pressie of 5.5% VAT and are now taking the piss with further moaning, and they object to being told where they can eat.

If the fuss is an indication of action, this is the beginning of the end for the TR bonanza.


  1. I used to work in an office on an industrial estate just outside Paris, the only restaurant nearby was a grotty Buffalo grill, which I just did not fancy, I took my own lunch in, but was given a book of luncheon vouchers every month worth around 100 euros, I thought this was amazing, as it is unheard of in the UK. I blew the whole book, every month in one sitting in a really nice restaurant in central Paris, I loved the way good restaurants didn't bat an eyelid when presented with the LV's. I can't see a problem with people using them in supermarkets, but the small restaurants are struggling, with the employment laws and all the other bureaucratic crap that goes on. But once again the small restaurants won't benefit it will be places like Macdonalds and Buffalo Grill who will.

  2. Forgot to say I hope you find a GOB soon, I would happily offer, but logistically I think it would be a bit difficult! Your lucky to be near a city, with something going on, nothing goes on round here at night.....sniff, the shutters are closed and the child catchers been round.

  3. Thanks Dash. Funnily enough all my friends are still married to their husband. I must have a really unusual bunch of pals, considering the divorce rate.

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  6. LOL, no worries Dash, I read your comments before you deleted them, and I had understood what you were saying.

    I must say, I'm impressed that you can live in such an isolated place. It would drive me nuts. I love the country for holidays but I like practical comfort for everyday.

  7. Hi Sarah, thanks for your understanding, when I re read what I had wrote it sounded really naff, plus the fact I have been on the white wine.

  8. Here's to naffness! Cheers!


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