Thursday, June 10, 2010


While Pueblo Girl was grateful for being tagged so she wouldn't have to blog about walking her dog again, I'm just as grateful that she tagged me so I don't have to blog about my effing teeth again. (Update - root canal done, ghastly, I survived).

So the plan is that I answer her 10 questions and then I make up another 10 and I tag 5 other people. Not sure I'll find 5 people to tag, but I'll manage the questions, I'm sure.

1. What music/tribe defined you as a teenager?
My brother's mostly as he got there first in terms of loud pounding thuds emanating from his room. Personally I preferred David Essex, Adam and the Ants and Duran Duran, but didn't get much chance to make my preferences heard. I didn't like the Bay City Rollers, no sirree! Otherwise I played a lot of music (violin then viola) in school which in fact probably defined me better.

2. Urban or rural?
Definitely now rural. I've never been keen on living in a big city, but I'd now positively hate it. I live 20 minutes from the centre of Montpellier and that's fine by me. The boys are free to roam which is rare in these panic-stricken times.

3. How old do you feel inside? How is this different to your real age?
I'm quite in harmony with my age. I wouldn't like to feel I hadn't learned anything since the age of 25 and I appreciate the wisdom I've acquired along the way.

4. Worst relative story
If you can count ex-mothers-in-law, mine tried and nearly succeeded to wreck my wedding. She became violently ill the Thursday before the Saturday wedding throwing everyone into turmoil and then miraculously turned up when she realised it was still going ahead sporting a patch on her wrist which she flashed in all the photos.

5. What are you reading at the moment?
I've just finished 'S for Silence' by Sue Grafton which was okay and I've got on the go 'How to plug your book' by Steve Weber. More interesting before S for Silence was The Shipping News by Annie Proulx, inspired by a book of knots she was given once.

6. Who/what pushed/inspired you to start blogging?
I can't remember how it started actually, how I found Blogger and thought 'oh yes, that sounds cool'. I suppose I found some blogs and thought I'd have one too because I'm an inveterate witterer and have such a terrible memory it's a fun way to create a record of stuff and interact with all sorts of interesting people. I love the internet!

7. What are you, a learner or a teacher?
I used to be a teacher of English but found it unbearably boring. I prefer learning and discovering new things so I suppose I'm a natural learner, but I'm bossy enough to be a teacher.

8. What is your pet hate?
Religious fanaticism. Guys, don't get so excited, it's all man-made BUNK!

9. Your word is law. What is your first decree?
Tricky. I'd like to put all religious fanatics onto an island, tow it further out to sea and pull the plug. One of those funny Dubai islands would do nicely.

10. Swanky bars or sawdust on the floor affairs?
I like being mollycoddled (because it doesn't happen often) so I'll probably go for the swanky bar.

I now have to think up 10 more questions and tag 5 people. Here are the questions:
1. Are you fixed for life or still on the move?
2. If your computer crashed, would you care?
3. What do you do when faced with a pretentious twat?
4. Do you regret meeting your first love?
5. Is there a book in you?
6. Are you naturally messy or a housework maniac?
7. Do you still have your childhood friends?
8. Where do you prefer to go when you go out?
9. What is the worst thing that's ever happened to you?
10. Is there a black sheep in your family?

So, who can I tag? I can't find anyone who hasn't been tagged for a while, so I'll just leave it open. You can either answer in the comments or in your own blog. If you do the blog thing, please let me know.


  1. Wow! That was quick. Interesting answers (I would say that, I agree with a lot of them).

    I'll answer your first: I thought I was fixed for life, in terms of where I'm living, and although I still can't quite imagine living somewhere else, I kind of feel it's going to be on the cards. Permanency never seems to last all that long around me.

  2. Oh, your questions were much more interesting than mine!

  3. PG, I feel that one should always be open to the possibility of change. I used to want to be fixed for life, but now I'm happy with emotional stability and leave the rest to the gods.

    Fly - your questions are super interesting too, and definitely dig down into the person.

  4. I got the same tag recently from Scarlet although obviously with different questions. I do like the ones you have asked though so I might just have to do them too.

    I'm with you on religion and swankiness - in fact I'm with you on most things I reckon

  5. Must go back to "the shipping new". I read it years ago on a friend's recommendation and didn't really like it, but I'm getting desperate. Maybe I'm older and wiser now.

  6. After years of moving every couple of years I'm definitely planning on being fixed for life. I expect I shall still be running a stall at the village fete when I'm 80 and saying "It wasn't done like that in my day"!

  7. Hausfrau - if I'd been moving every 2 years forever I think there'd come a time when I'd shout STOP! too.


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