Monday, June 07, 2010


Ouch bloody ouch! My teeth are giving me hell. First they went all hyper-sensitive and I had to start using Sensodyne or squirm every time I ate, now I've got a dying nerve that wants to take me down with it.

I'm due to see the dentist on Thursday to get it devitalised. Fun. I'm living off Codoliprane, anti-inflammatories and anti-biotics at the moment. They are the ones keeping me upright.

Dentists cost an arm and a leg here as well as in the UK. A girl I know says she's at present going out to work to pay for her teeth. She needs €8K worth and puts it down to having a lousy dentist when she was young and then not being able to pay for the best treatments later.

The Mutuelle insurance companies don't reimburse too much so good treatment is reserved for those who can afford it. Seeing as a lot of health problems can arise from bad teeth, it seems strange that so little attention is paid to ensuring the nation has affordable treatment.

When I was young, I used to go for fluoride sessions at the dentist. I'd sit in the chair with a plastic tooth cover filled with paste and have to wait what seemed like hours but I think was about 15minutes for it to do its stuff. Did it work? I'm not sure. It didn't stop me having fillings, that I do know.

When I went to do a post-grad diploma in Bristol in 1993, I was amazed that none of the young students had fillings. They had become a thing of the past. Is that because of adding fluoride to toothpaste? What a great invention!

At my age, all the talk is of crowns. How many crowns do you need/have? At €700 a go, you start not going on holiday so the dentist can enjoy his.

I like my dentist but he hasn't been consistent with friends who've gone to consult him. To the point they won't go back because of treatment that hasn't quite worked. That's the case with my lawyer too. She's fine with me, and says she has my case à coeur (my ex is a case...!), but was awful with a friend I sent.

Makes you think twice about recommending people really which is a shame, cos I love to share the joy...


  1. Sorry about the tooth just seems to take over your whole life...
    I have a super dentist out in the sticks, but when she retires goodness only knows where I'll go. There's a medieval style tooth drawer nearby, but wild horses wouldn't drag me there, I've seen his handiwork.

  2. I get all my dental bills reimbursed by the primaire and the mutuelle. Why doesn't yours pay out? I do wish you luck with the toothache though - it's always such a horrible feeling all over the side of the head that's affected.

  3. Ouch! Tooth pain. I hope you're dentist is able to fix you!Have you tried doing mouth baths as well? They can sometimes help in relieving the swelling and aching?

    I found out that the securite sociale will reimburse two detartrages per year maximum which I suppose isn't bad at all!

    I pay 55 Euros and then between the secu and mutuelle get it all reimbursed.

    Have just been in for my 3rd one this year though (due to some work I'm having done which is not covered) and had to pay full whack for it.

  4. Fly - yes, the swelling is such I look like a duck and speak funny!

    FF - I have a work mutuelle which doesn't cover all bills unfortunately. I'd have to take out a second one.

    Piglet - yes, doing the mouth bath thing (Allodent) too. My dentist suggested putting ice on the swelling - not practical at work...

  5. I commiserate completely as I'm also throwing down the painkillers until I can get to the dentist after a work trip that doesn't finish until Saturday. Goodness knows what I'll produce while high as a kite!

  6. Wow, Kerry, there's a lot of toothache about!
    I hope you make it!!

  7. Ugh. Teeth. Or is it dentists I don't like?

    Anyway, you asked about vegetarian recipe books, so here are some to take your mind off the pain:

    Faye Levy: Fresh from France
    Yamuna Devi: Lord Krishna's cuisine: the art of Indian vegetarian cookery (don't let the title put you off - this is my bible of Indian cookery, though I sometimes sneak onion and garlic into the recipes)
    Madhur Jaffrey: Eastern vegetarian cookery
    Martha Rose Shulman : Provencal light/Chez Martha Rose
    Colin Spenser: The new vegetarian

    and for more everyday vegetarian cookery:

    Rose Eliot: The complete vegetarian cookbook
    Carole Handslip: Vegetarian Cooking.

    These are, of course, all way "out of date".

    My favourite webpage/blog is
    but then, I love Indian cuisine.

  8. I believe that it was Marathon Man where the baddy was a dentist. Hard to go after seeing that.

    Hope you get sorted soon.


  9. Thanks for the book tips, PG.

    Nick - I should be sorted tomorrow. NOT looking forward to the treatment!

  10. Sarah, I tagged you over at my blog. Hope you don't mind - no problem anyway if you're not into it.


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