Monday, October 11, 2010

Sodding Cat Does it Again

I'm not at work today YAY - it's a US holiday, wot I get. It started too early, unfortunately, with Exhibit A - Sodding Cat - waking me up at some god-forsaken time asking to go out. If I don't want him to wake the whole household I'm obliged to give in to his every whim (which are many) so I opened the bedroom door whereupon he shot to the door/window. I opened that, plus the shutters, SC a quivering body of Desperate-To-Get-Out feline, except that, haha, it was raining and he lost interest. Immediately. He had woken me up For Nothing, me lud!

I let him settle on my bed (I'll probably pay for such laxity all week) hoping he'd given up for the night, and sleep, something cats are reputed to do most of the time. During the day at least. A bit later, he woke me up again, this time having listened for the rain, heard it had stopped, and became desperate to go out for the second time in the middle of the night. He was lucky I didn't boot him out. Actually I tried but he was too quick (being desperate an' all).

He is now firmly asleep (another talent) on my youngest's bed and will undoubtedly remain there all day (it's raining again) until tonight when he'll suddenly perk up and choose 3am to be desperate to go out. It's a miracle he's still alive. Actually it's only because I still have 5kg of Science Diet crunchy food and don't want it to go to waste that he hasn't been strangled in some dead of night fury.

So there I was, having a lie-in after my disturbed night, thinking I may get up around 9am, slope about in jimmies for the morning and tackle my latest writing task - chemistry (about which I know little more than that the elementary table exists and hydrochloric acid is HCl and reacts with something to produce something else, god knows what and frankly, who cares?). The boys, naturally, would get themselves ready and off to school as they do normally (in front of the tele watching something shreiky and cartoony which I flatly refuse to have anything to do with hence my escape upstairs to read the online Times, separately and in peace. No happy communal family breakfast in our house, it's every man for himself!).

Except that, at 8.15am, Exhibit B - my youngest - shouts up from downstairs asking me to take him to school. The little tyke, thought I in my pre-humanity-inducing cup of tea state. Why? I shouted back (you can tell we don't live in a mansion where this sort of exchange would have to be carried out by inter-phone or by appointment face-to-face). Cos it's raining, came the reply. I withdrew little tyke thoughts, and inserted grudging recognition that this was a legitimate reason to get my warm bed-happy arse up and into the car.

With my early morning ruined then, I'm sitting here yawning despite intake of tea and wondering how to cope with chemistry. I had planned on being dynamic and successful today, haha. Maybe I'll just go back to bed for a while. Or fart around on Facebook/Twitter.

No, I'll go and wake that sodding cat instead and show him what it's like to have disturbed sleep! That's a good mature and adult thing to do... the little sod!

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