Friday, October 08, 2010

Totally inane and pointless post

Things I'd like to say to people I know but won't, ever:

  • Have you got Fluorosis? 
  • Please get out of my office Right Now before you say one more OCD thing which drives me totally crazy.
  • Have you ever had sex?
  • When did you last take a shower?
  • Did you know you have the same walk as someone else I know?
  • You should really see someone...
  • Why so secretive?
  • Are you bi?
  • Don't be so rude.
  • What happened to your eyelashes?
  • You're so boring, stop talking at me.
  • Do you have to be so aggressive when you talk?
  • No, I'm not interested.
  • You are very interesting, but could we stop talking about you in about, say, 5 minutes?
  • Could you please just shut the f up?
  • I don't care what you think. Really.
  • You are a manipulative, lying little toe-rag and I never want to see you in my house again.
  • Are you anally retentive?
  • What, you actually have sex?
  • How could someone like you be such an uncultured philistine, and proud of it?

Do you harbour secret messages that pass through your mind when you see or talk to someone? Can you remain impassive or do signs of impatience seep out of every pore?

We all come across people who irritate us or make us wonder about their private life.

Have you managed to remove the toxic elements from your life or are they still there, bugging you and inspiring vicious thoughts from within?

(No really, I am at peace with the world... and no, I don't need no sophrology à la con)

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