Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guilt Crazy

The end of the year is a reflective time, is it not, a time to think back on the year and draw conclusions. Well, it would be if, at the end of December, I wasn't thinking to myself 'Good god, we've made it through in one piece!'. My year ends are usually filled with relief that we're together, the boys and I (and my TWDB) and in good shape. After all, Fate can deliver the most almighty blow, and within seconds everything can change, forever. It's never good to be complacent.

Still, 2010 has been better than many and I'm delighted to have published my children's books and story builder. My youngest has been working on his story and is having a lovely time making up silly ogre names, silly ogre food, and describing two ogres beating each other up. English is not his first language, and it's hard work because I lack patience, but he's getting there, and will finish his story. As they don't seem to do much creative writing in French schools, this is quite a challenge for him.

Right now I'm more concerned with getting hold of some elusive Christmas presents. I'm feeling a tad guilty because my youngest gave me a catalogue where he'd circled what he'd like for Christmas back in October. Did I do anything about it? Nope. Little did I know that he'd set his heart on the one box that would sell out nationally, and indeed internationally, it being part of a playground craze. Don't you find these crazes a pain in the arse?

He may not get what he wants for Christmas because the box he wants is sold out. It's sold out here, it's sold out on the internet, it's sold out in the UK, and in the US. I thought it might be something my mother could get him as it was in the Argos catalogue. No hope! Unavailable up and down the country.

Tech Deck Mini Skate park
What he wants is this, a mini park for a mini skate. I'm a bit flabbergasted that it's such a hit, but it is, and I've missed it. Oops... This one is £14.99. Of course, if I wanted to fork out 50 quid, I'd have no problem...

Luckily, one of the other items on the list that was sold out is being restocked on Thursday. I went to the shop yesterday lunch time and had a completely fruitless trip. Nothing he wanted was there, and one pair of binoculars I thought he might like turned out to be a bit prissy and not suitable for a rugged young guy. The salesman suggested I come back at lunch time on Thursday because there'll be none left by the end of the day! I had visions of the shop being over-run by mad mothers all desperate to get their hands on a spy belt, elbows digging, fingers grabbing, and the sales staff begging for calm.

After a hurried reassessment of pressie list, I'm hopeful he'll get something he wants, but we might have to put a cross on the mini skate park. This year he's into spy kits and mini skates, and XBox games. Buying the game he wants isn't easy either. A new game here costs €69.99 which I think is a total rip-off and refuse to pay. On Ebay UK you can find almost new for under £30 which is still pricey, but as Christmas creeps up, desperate parents force up the price. I should have tackled this earlier too. This year my disorganisation is a pricey failure of mummying! Well, bugger! Pass me the wine!

My eldest is the star this year. He just wants money. Now that's easy! HURRAH!

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