Friday, December 19, 2014

Have at ye! Menopause!

Back in September I went to see a naturopathe and came out with a list of menopause-defying food supplements to get my teeth into.

So, how's it going? Actually, very well; I'm totally won over. There are two outstanding products which I must tell you about (and Mariella Frostrup could do worse than listen up too...!).

Hydra7 - this gives you the most amazingly soft skin. It's made from the berries and seeds of argousier (sea-buckthorn) and is packed with a bunch of omegas (3,6,7,9). You just need a course of one pot to see the incredible difference it makes, which is good as it's sold at a fairly pricey 29.90 Eur for 60 capsules.

It contributes to the hydration not just of skin but of the body's mucus zones too (eyes, mouth, down below, gastric, nasal). It helps iron out small wrinkles, and replaces totally the need for lotions and potions to moisturise body skin. This stuff is brilliant!

The other outstanding product is pomegranate oil. It's rich in omega 5 which has nifty anti-ageing properties and does wonders for women's dryness issues. Dr Sellman advises dabbing it on the vulva to promote hydration. It's not easy to find pure organic pomegranate oil but this stuff is excellent: Pomegranate oil 14.39 Eur for 100ml. I also use a little on my face instead of cream morning and night.

As I can't get enough of pomegranate oil, I'm taking a course of capsules. They are also pretty pricey, but my libido has returned and my hot flashes are reduced in intensity and number since I started taking these capsules along with the oil above: Pomegranate oil capsules 28.58 Eur for 60 capsules.

I was doing okay with the other supplements (borage, houblon, salsepareille) that the naturopathe prescribed, but the pomegranate oil really took things to a much higher level, so thank you Dr Sellman for that recommendation! I feel just like the old me again before menopausal crustiness took over.

It's all about balancing the hormones again, much like what happens with adolescence. Keeping it all stable is quite tricky what with upsets, stress, dodgy diet and medical drugs (which I'm not on).

I read this week that many menopausal women are lacking in testosterone which is responsible for quite a list of issues. For example, it makes them get upset easily when faced with confrontation, plus:
  • disruption to libido and sexual function
  • temperamental
  • decrease in energy and feelings of well-being
  • anxiety, indecision
  • easily tired during physical activity
Testosterone tones up the muscles and improves the health of bones, and blood vessels by making the blood more fluid; it improves physical performance and psychological well-being, and helps with mental toughness.

Doctors can test for testosterone deficiency, but for those who would like to reap the benefits without too much effort, you just have to drink water, and eat meat and sprouted grains. Avoid alcohol, sodas, sugar and non-sprouted grains including bread. The most enjoyable way though of increasing testosterone levels is to make love at least twice a week with a "très viril" partner. No chance of getting a hairy face, deep booming voice or acne if you stick to a good shag... or two...


  1. So many useful tips for me to write down - especially the last one!

    1. You're welcome, Trish, I do my best to spread the joy! :)

  2. Brilliantly informative and amusing. Thank you!

  3. O I'm so very thankful I don't have to deal with this. But I do have a big soft spot in my heart for those who do, my wife included.

    1. She'll be needing you to keep her testosterone levels up, DD ;)

  4. It looks like a pretty pricey treatment to me... Not there yet, but I'll jot it all down for future use because there's no way I'm taking mare-pee extract. I'm sure PF will be delighted to hear your remedy for testosterone levels. If it affects him in the same way, will he look like the Yeti after a couple of months? :-)

    1. If you don't want to fork out for all that, Dr Sellman recommends using a little progesterone cream. Works very well according to her book. :)

      PF can thank me later. :) And let me know if he goes Yeti-like. :)


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