Thursday, May 21, 2015

An Imminent Public Health Vaccination Scandal in France


This video is in French but I've summarised the essentials below

Vaccination of children is obligatory in France. You run the risk of a 3750 Eur fine and six months in prison if you refuse. Serious stuff. 

So, you'd think that those in charge of public health would only impose the safest vaccines on the market, those with a proven track record of safety and the least number of nasty side effects and consequences.

You'd be wrong... and this is brewing into a massive public health scandal.

Two-month old babies have to be vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus and polio (DTP). Up until September 2014, this was not a problem. They had the tried and trusted DTP vaccine that's been on market for donkey's years. My kids had it, with no problem.

Bizarrely, pharmaceutical laboratories stopped producing this vaccine in 2008 for no apparent reason. In its place are "super-vaccines" such as Infanrix hexa which contains, in addition to DTP, three non-obligatory vaccines - whooping cough, hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type b - plus the neuro-toxin aluminium, formaldehyde, and antibiotics (polymixine-B, neomycine) which are not at all necessary for babies and are potentially dangerous.

The traditional DTP vaccine cost a little over 6 Eur. Unsurprisingly, Infanrix hexa costs a lot more - nearly seven times more in fact, at 40 Eur! Follow the money. Always.

These vaccines are too much for small babies and risk setting off an anaphylactic shock in the short term, and auto-immune diseases in the long term. Aluminium and formaldehyde are both toxic, and the vaccine against hepatitis B is suspected of provoking multiple sclerosis. Cases of MS increased dramatically after a hepatitis B vaccine was put on the market in 1994...

Parents are in a total panic about what to do. If they do nothing, they are condemned by the courts; if they accept the vaccine, they are playing Russian roulette with the health of their precious child.

However, the most unbelievable and devious issue coming to light concerns compensation.

The law says that if your child falls ill after being vaccinated with an official vaccine (the traditional ones), you can claim compensation. However, if your child dies, or has an adverse reaction to one of the new vaccines, the ones you have no choice but to buy, you are told that you vaccinated your child with a vaccine not on the official list, so you are liable - it's your fault!

The video above has been produced by Pr Henri Joyeux, oncologist, who is trying to rouse the medical community as well as the wider population to demonstrate massively their objections to this situation worthy of a totalitarian state. His aim is to bring back the traditional DTP vaccine which has a proven safety record and is dead cheap.

To this end, he has set up a petition which is acquiring signatures by the minute. In two days, it reached 200,000 names. Please add your name to it, and send it out to all your friends to do the same. We cannot stand by and let the health of the nation's babies be compromised by voracious greedy pharmaceutical companies and a government which is proving each day that it cares only about hanging onto power, and NOT A JOT about the health of the most vulnerable members of the population.


  1. How disgraceful! Start looking for links between the supplier and the decision makers...

  2. Heck this is worrying.
    At least France requires it. Here in CA, usa kids are getting all these diseases again because some parents do not immunise. My friend, a mother got whooping cough from her son's friend and was ill for months.

    1. The public interest of vaccination is key to its success. If some don't 'get' it, and don't vaccinate, it puts the vulnerable at risk. It's a question of individual rights vs public health, but if people live in society, they forfeit some of their individual rights for the general good. Otherwise there'd be anarchy.

  3. Oh this is distressing. I won't vaccinate mine because the poisons that they have to add to the disease to get a reactions are always changing. They've only recenty stopped using mercury. Scandalous - and now this at new heights.

    1. Vaccination is obligatory here. If you don't vaccinate your kids, they can't start school or go to a crèche. I understand the rationale behind the herd vaccination system, but if the vaccines are dodgy, parents are going to get jittery and put their kids at risk by not vaccinating. Diseases that had been thought to be eradicated are coming back, so it's an important issue.


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