Tuesday, October 04, 2005

First Post Ever

Funnily enough I used to write a diary as a girl - the usual boring stuff of going to school, what I ate, recorder class, what my friend said to me and I said to her... All a gripping and fascinating insight into the life of a 10yr-old girl in the early 70s (!).

Now, some 30 years later I can write about going to work, what I ate, taking my boys to swimming and violin classes, what my lover said to me and I said to him (yes, definitely heterosexual here...).

All a totally self-indulgent and somewhat futile occupation, but who cares? That's the wonder of the internet where you CAN be self-indulgent and go public about it! The ideal tool of the modern person. Public self-indulgence without censure. It's like going to the psychoanalyst and talking about yourself for half an hour, and s/he is paid to listen to you burbling on and on. Here, I can write whatever drivel I like (no, I have no illusions) and send it off into cyberspace to be read by someone or no one; it really doesn't matter.

The enjoyable bit is the self-expression, ordering thoughts, ranting, bragging and commenting. Everyone should do it! It's so therapeutic, and so much cheaper than a shrink!

There, I've convinced myself as to the worthiness of writing here. I can stop here with the peace of mind that I am not contributing to the axis of wasters. No, indeed, I am contributing to the sum of human knowledge (the lesser bits - those bits that come under the umbrella of social anthropology ). Ahhh.

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