Thursday, December 01, 2011

Looking back at my first ever post

Over in the wilds that make up Mammasaurus' domain, there is a blog hop link-up to post our first ever blog post.

Looking back at mine, I realise that it was a long time ago - how time flies - and of course, it was undoubted drivel. I'm not sure much has changed on that score, mind but I've managed to keep on drivelling since then, on a plethora of subjects, mostly inane, personal and accompanied by an amusing cartoon. At that time, I had just escaped my old life and was starting my new life almost divorced, in a rented house, with the boys then aged 4 and 9. It meant true freedom for the first time ever and I loved it, even if I had no money to spare. My decisions were not questioned or vetoed, my time was my own, and my salary was for my use only. Heady stuff.

The timing of this linky is appreciated because I'm in an early Winter slump and am finding it difficult to dredge up much enthusiasm to write about anything, especially when my life centres around going to work, coming home, cooking, crashing out knackered, worrying about Christmas presents and my cunning plan, and going to bed, interspersed with taxi duties, nagging my kids about homework/cleaning their rooms/putting their dishes in the dishwasher/clothes in the dirty linen basket/coming off the XBox and removing bikes and kickback scooters from the front hall where they have to be walked round and over to get to the fridge/front door/washing machine. Fascinating, eh?

This weekend they are going to see their dad, so taxi duties will be replaced by... a void. I have writing work to do, but can I be arsed to do it? Maybe if it's raining, there's nothing on tele and no one to talk to... (unlikely, on Twitter, the world's all time greatest invention for the confirmed time-waster). I'm resisting the urge to eat unsuitable food by not buying it but that is what I want to do - is it my body trying to lay down reserves for the 'long hard winter'? If so, it's forgotten I live in the 21st century and have electric heating and an electric bed warmer. There's nothing so delicious as pushing your tootsies down into warmth between the sheets instead of an Arctic hole, and you don't even need a man to provide it (and they tend to keep their warmth to themselves anyway and then start snoring).

So, without further ado, here is my first EVER blog post, written on October 4, 2005.

Funnily enough I used to write a diary as a girl - the usual boring stuff of going to school, what I ate, recorder class, what my friend said to me and I said to her... All a gripping and fascinating insight into the life of a 10yr-old girl in the early 70s (!).
Now, some 30 years later I can write about going to work, what I ate, taking my boys to swimming and violin classes, what my lover said to me and I said to him (yes, definitely heterosexual here...).
All a totally self-indulgent and somewhat futile occupation, but who cares? That's the wonder of the internet where you CAN be self-indulgent and go public about it! The ideal tool of the modern person. Public self-indulgence without censure. It's like going to the psychoanalyst and talking about yourself for half an hour, and s/he is paid to listen to you burbling on and on. Here, I can write whatever drivel I like (no, I have no illusions) and send it off into cyberspace to be read by someone or no one; it really doesn't matter.
The enjoyable bit is the self-expression, ordering thoughts, ranting, bragging and commenting. Everyone should do it! It's so therapeutic, and so much cheaper than a shrink!
There, I've convinced myself as to the worthiness of writing here. I can stop here with the peace of mind that I am not contributing to the axis of wasters. No, indeed, I am contributing to the sum of human knowledge (the lesser bits - those bits that come under the umbrella of social anthropology ). Ahhh.
I did warn you...