Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Funtwo"- Pachelbel's Canon on electric guitar

I was sent a file last night of a kid playing Pachelbel's Canon in D on an electric guitar, arranged by someone called JerryC. The kid's pseudonym is 'Funtwo' and he wears a baseball cap pulled down as he sits in his bedroom squashed between his bed and computer desk, obviously keen to maintain maximum anonymity.

Maybe his mum has warned him of the dangers of the internet, or has told him that if she catches him publishing pictures of himself there'll be no tv for a month. Well, he only looks about 14.

BUT, what you hear from this kid is the most amazing piece of playing I've heard in a long while. His talent, as the chap who sent me the file and is a bass player himself said, is off the chart. I know nothing about guitar playing, but I am a string player, and he really impresses me with his skill. All that, and he's playing on a piece of crap for a guitar. The link I put in is of poorer quality than the .wmv file I received, but I couldn't link that file in. Still, I think you'll agree, he really rocks!

This kid certainly should go far - he deserves to, and if he does make it, it'll be a pleasant change to see someone with talent and who has worked hard to develop that talent become famous.

Hmm, maybe the end of the world has just receded a tad...

Edited in 2020 to add the YouTube video version.


  1. Hey, can You please send a some adress to him? e-mail? I'll be very grateful... my e-mail: smerfecia_17@tlen.pl

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  3. He did do it! Listen to the two. Its was definatly arranged by JerryC, but Funtwo played it in this clip. They are very different. JerryC's version end's completely differently for a strat!

  4. Err, piece of crap guitar? Isn't he playing an ESP? The ones that endorse bands like Metallica! I don't think it's a $50 Chinese Special anyway!

    None the less, that kid rocks! He isn't playing the audio in the video, rather playing along to it, but you can still see he obviously has talent!

  5. Oh, sorry if I got that wrong. I have no idea, and was going on something I was told by the person who sent me the file originally. He's a bass player so I assumed he knew what he was talking about. All rectifications appreciated.

  6. this is Funtwo alright, but he is 22 years old and he is korean, and he did showed his face in a other video. and the audio in the video, what u hear in the background is the backing track made by jerryc

  7. Does anyone have another recording or video of Funtwo playing something else?

    When is this guy going to go public?

  8. it is not jerryc in the back ground it is him. his version is completly diffrrent sounding. and he is 26.

  9. Hi Sarah,

    My name is Julie and I came across your site when I Googled FUNTWO...Isn't that a great piece! I am an American still happily married to a frog, (7 years) but he is extremely homesick so we are preparing to move back to his home in southern France (Provence Cote de Azure too!) I know very little French so far and perhaps we could meet some day.


  10. >> When is this guy going to go public?

    His identity has been made public. See the Reuters story here

  11. Gosh, thanks Ron!! At last the mystery is solved. I would never have thought Funtwo 22!


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