Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hair's relief!

Oh my God, thank you for hairdressers! I was looking like something that had been dragged through a hedge backwards with roots that were heading rapidly towards Australia, and I have a Big Do this weekend, so was desperate to take positive action.

My normal hairdresser, à domicile, is off this week, and last (how dare she? How can one survive??), so I had to fall back on my hairdresser bis (alternative), Vero at Jean Vallon. I thought that hairdressers tended to come and go with a rapid turnover, but Vero has been at Jean Vallon since I arrived in the area in 1995, so she must like it there!

Anyway, a colour and cut later, plus a persuasive sell to buy some much needed 'soin' for my 'dry hair' (waaaaaail) amounting to 88Eur the lot (ouch!) I waft out of the salon feeling like a femme fatale who could quite happily succumb to some male attention. Such is my luck that I have played it all out in my head only, and am sitting here writing this instead. Oh well.

I will, however, be able to hold my head up high at the party on Saturday, and not just in the hope of hiding my roots!

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