Saturday, May 27, 2006

Temper, sodding temper

Something in the universe is in mis-alignment and conspiring to irritate the hell out of me. Successfully too, dammit. Maybe it was my flippant contribution to the Chicken or Egg debate in the Times where I imagine God sketching different breeds of chicken that did it. Or maybe celestrial radar interference has been zapping my bio-rhythms. Whatever is going on, it had better stop. Or Else!

Contributing factors include Cegetel in the On-going Saga of Getting Oneself Heard. They sent me a letter last week telling me that they had received my letter expressing my mecontentement. Oh good, they got it then. It was only sent about 6 weeks ago. They didn't quite put the Rapid Response group onto it though, so can't have been that bothered about my mecontentement. However, customer satisfaction is important to them, and if you believe that you'll believe anything. Once I'd stopped my hysterical chuckling, I read that they want me to send them some France Telecom bills from a year ago, ones that I'd already sent, Accusé de Réception, natch. They can't have lost them, surely...? I seem to have, in the move, distributing papers because of the divorce, or something. Might have to turn the garage insideout again. Oh joy.

La Redoute, normally pretty reliable, has chosen this week to not deliver my order last Wednesday, nor since, despite a delivery date of May 24 after 15h30. The stuff is 'en preparation', in stock, but obviously having a pont this week has meant the entire entrepot is taking an extended day off... lasting the week.

The worst aggravating issue was finding that someone had hopped over my fence in the back garden and done a shit on the grass, leaving a soiled tissue on the flower bed. It must have been done on Thursday night as I didn't water the garden yesterday seeing as enthusiastic 5-yr old hands had taken the shower extension on the hosepipe to it twice on Ascension Day. I can't imagine who would do something like that as this is a nice neighbourhood and, frankly, the fence is a challenge to scale. Weird, totally weird. If anyone saw anything, do let me know...

Well, I'd better go and prepare the bag for the boys to take to their father (more stress...), but I do feel I've dumped onto here a good deal of annoyance, and if you've read all the way down, wow!


  1. Well how very unfortunate and unpleasant, this excremental interference zapping your grass. On Ascension Day, too. If the culprit isn't identified through DNA testing to be Cegetel I suspect La Redoute. Or maybe your neighbourhood is more into Les 3 Suisses?

    I'm sorry, I shouldn't be taking this à la rigolade. Something more cheerful next time?

  2. S'ok, I've recovered my SOH, especially thanks to a late lunch and a bottle (well, half for me) of rosé in this rather delectable but soporific heat (*hic*).
    Def something more cheerful next time, probably of Avignon because I don't recall putting up pics of a mural garden at the Halles carpark. Mind you, that could just be a senior moment...


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