Friday, June 09, 2006

Boy oh Boy

Blogger was out last night, so I was obliged to work on my book! Nothing like force of circumstances to concentrate the mind.

This morning in the car, where I have a lot of that sort of thought, I was wondering what phase of the moon we are in at the moment. It appears that we are in a Waxing Gibbous phase with 93% of the moon visible. The reason why I was wondering about the moon was because I was searching for a reason why my eldest was stroppy to the point of being sent to bed with no dinner last night. Could it have something to do with the waxing and waning of our lunar neighbour?

Or might it be because it was a Thursday? Has my eldest inherited my unconscious conflict with Thursdays? This may sound like hysterical female stuff, but you can be sure that if I'm feeling off or in a bad temper about something, it usually happens on a Thursday. I have no idea why.

My pre-adolescent son dug himself into a crisis from which his adolescent urge to contest prevented him from extricating himself before the point of no return. Naturally, he felt aggrieved and muttered at how unfair it all was although he knew he had contravened house rules and had received legitimate punishment.

This morning he was all sweetness and light again although he left his schoolbag at home and only realised this as we were driving up to the school gates and even he recognised that I could not turn round to fetch it. In any case, he has to learn to take responsibility for his actions, or rather for today, non-actions.

I shall be keeping an eye both on the moon and those pesky Thursdays, you can be sure!


  1. Ooh, feel the parental authority!

    Whatever had he done?

  2. Well...... he refused to do his violin practice citing a pressing need to watch 'Teen Ninja Monsters' or some such rubbish on satellite tele.
    This after a week of procrastination. He said he'd rather miss dinner than do his violin, so that's what happened.
    HR1 do homework
    HR2 do violin practice
    Every now and then they need a reminder as to who is boss, I feel. And it's me, the boss...


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