Friday, August 25, 2006

Missing Boys

Okay, it's official, I'm now seriously missing the boys who are spending the month with their dad, and I want them home again. Unfortunately, I've still got another 6 days to go. I want to give my eldest a big hug. I want to hear my youngest come into my room in the morning and say "May I can have a snuggle mummy?" and then jump onto the bed to give his mummy a lovely big smacking kiss.

I want to see them give me the willies as they go careering down the slope on their roller blades finishing with a flourish of pirouette at the bottom. I want to hear the sound of a herd of elephants as my youngest runs upstairs. I want to see the pride on my eldest's face as he messes with his mobile phone again going through all the music tones.

You get the picture.

We are heading towards la Rentrée - Back to School, and the supermarkets have filled up with school-bags, notebooks, pens and other accessories, suitable clothes for kids to wear to school and all manner of unspeakable items for those for whom school is a place of hell.

My eldest is starting at a new school this year so I'm expecting anxiety and resistance. I haven't dared buy him a bag yet as I'm sure he has strong preferences, which get stronger every year. I draw the line at Chipie bags at 33Eur where you pay at least 10E for the name which, while cute, adds no intrinsic value on making a bag stronger or more visible at night, for example.

I am hoping he'll be able to cycle to school which is a mere few hundred yards from the house and will provide a decent amount of exercise every day as he confronts the hill on the way home. It will definitely make tele-watching more acceptable although it seems likely he'll have a fair amount of homework to do once he gets in. I predict a year of moaning.

Projects for this year are to sign him and his brother up for violin lessons. It would be great for my eldest to join the children's choral group too, and do some sport. My youngest will be continuing with his swimming lessons. Both are dying to learn to ride a horse, but this is financially way beyond my reach so will have to wait. Anyway, we have the 'Journée des Associations' where all the village clubs will be in one place touting their activities. It's a bit like Fresher's Day at university. Makes life so much easier. These Froggies have some damned good events sometimes.

My immediate project for the weekend is to tidy the boys' room... I'm taking bets as to how long it lasts tidy.

At LEAST 5 days. 'Til they get home!

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  1. I'm a sucker for punishment. My last comment about "missing" have been I go again.

    Missing them, of course, and just wait a bit, it gets worse and worse - becoz afterwards they are more and more independent, absent, non-talking about their private lives....ils te manquent GRAVE! And then of course they get married, move away have children ils te manquent GRAVE de CHEZ GRAVE!!!!!

    Make the most of every moment, and by the by if pony clubs are" the subject, I may be of some use on that one.



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