Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A-witter A-whoo

I'm supposed to be working on my book, but just wanted to sneak in a little blog post to express my total shock that Ikea was closed today.

It is a holiday here, but Alinea - a fierce competitor - was open, as were Auchan, Decathlon (à fond la forme) and various others. It didn't even say on the Ikea website that they would be closed today, and I didn't think it worth checking by phone!

So, having arrived and looking forlornly at the barrier blocking the entrance to the carpark, J and I wondered what to do next. We fixed on coffee at the beach and drove off minus the bookshelf I had intended buying, and any other fun little titbits that Ikea is so good at persuading you that your life is not complete without...

We went to Le Lezard Beach restaurant at Carnon and had a super-pricey (3.50Eur each) café crème comfortably ensconced on a sofa set on decking on the beach. Lovely view, okay, but my goodness, you certainly pay for it! They didn't even have on show an exhibition of Diane Rauscher-Kennedy's paintings any more. That had been in July.

We lounged about there for ages watching the serving staff have their early lunch, the beach staff pack up the loungers as the weather was dodgy to say the least, and other well-turned out patrons enjoy the cadre with a drinkie poo too. I do like it there. We nearly had lunch there too, but are going out tonight and did not want to spoil our appetites. Or get fat!

Streuth, I'm wittering, it must be time to get back to my book.


  1. feeling flushed with pride to think the my "work of art" is now throning in your sitting room.

    Keep flying......

    Let's hope all your friends will like it too..I know my betrother James Hamilton is a fan, but a few more fans are good for the morale

  2. Diane is referring to the Telegraph French blog, Colin Randall, and one of his readers...!


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