Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another year...

It was my birthday yesterday. I'm in a quandry as I now can't decide whether I'm still in my early forties or mid-forties. I think I'll stick with 'early' for the time being and work up slowly to 'mid'. Don't want to rush such serious implications to aging...

It was a nice day despite working half of it. I do Wednesday mornings now so I can take the afternoons off and taxi the boys to their various activities : violin and footie. After a refreshing cuppa we all headed off to play tennis and showed anyone passing how crap we are. It was a laugh though, which is the main thing, and I did get more-or-less an hour's worth of running about. This will do wonders to see off those couch potato floppy bits if I can keep it up.

Since the age of about 12 I've had two pairs of trainers. The first pair were uncool Adidas; the ones with three green stripes down the side. My ex-h saw them and declared them unfit for purpose ie. looking sporting good so I indulged him and bought a pair of tennis-type shoes which I've had ever since. It looks suspiciously like I don't do much sport, doesn't it? Two pairs of sports shoes in 21 years, but I'm just light on my feet... Honest.

The result is, of course, that my trainers are woefully un-trendy and probably unfit for tennis purposes too if the truth be told. Enticingly, us footie mums can get 20% off trainers from the local sports shop. If I can just get my paws on the tokens...

Another year, another day. I'm 43 and life is good.


  1. oh dear, oh dear.............I'm nutty about trainers and have been collecting them for years....each pair have certain use - running, tennis, gym, walking in town or walking round here - but shoes and accessories have always been a "thing" for me..........can I borrow the children to get 20% off next time?

    For ages and ages I dreamed about buying "Everlast" boxing trainers...but did not dare....and then they came into fashion and there were ersatz ones in all the posh shops!

    Happy birthday, Bloggie Queen, and here's to your next "tennis/cum/potato-couch seance"!

    To get rid of my potato-couch I'll have to play tennis and run all the way to Lille non-stop for three years. But, thankfully, I already have the suitable footwear.

  2. Happy Birthday! If i can post this.


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